Saturday, March 31, 2018

Genealogy Do-Over - March 2018

I am taking part in the Genealogy Do-Over this year. 

  1. Conducting Self-Interview
  2. Conducting Family Interviews

    1. Conducting Self-Interview

    I decided to use Evernote to record my self-interview. I wrote down my own knowledge of the dates and places of events in my own life. 
    For example, I recorded:

    • Birthdate and place
    • Catholic Sacrament dates and places (Baptism, First Confession, First Communion, Confirmation)
    • Education - dates and places
    • Residences - dates and places
    • Hospitalisations - dates and places
    • Hobbies

    2. Conducting Family Interviews

    I created a Family Group Sheet template in Evernote, and then created one for my immediate family. I filled in the information from my own knowledge.

    • My next step is to interview my Mum and check if her knowledge of dates and places for our family correlates with my own. 
    • Then I need to create a Family Group Sheet for each of my siblings' families. 
    • I have also asked my Mum to fill in Family Group Sheet for her parents and siblings. 
    Here is an example of a Family Group Sheet from the US National Archives.

      The full list of Genealogy Do-Over topics for 2018 is on Thomas MacEntee's Abundant Genealogy web site.

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