Monday, December 26, 2016

My Ethnicity Estimates at FTDNA and AncestryDNA

Ethnicity percentages according to traditional genealogy research

Ireland 62.5% 
England 31.25% 
Wales 6.25% 
Created with Excel using Ancestry Pie by John Tierney

Ethnicity percentages estimated by Family Tree DNA
(as of 26 December 2016)

British Isles 93%
Finland and Northern Siberia 3%
Central Asia 3%
Middle East 1%

Family Tree DNA MyOrigins Ethnicity estimates

Ethnicity percentages estimated by AncestryDNA
(as of 26 December 2016)

Ireland 48% [Range: 27%-65%]
Great Britain 44% [Range: 20%-68%]
Finland/Northwest Russia 4% [Range: 0%-8%]
Italy/Greece 2% [Range: 0%-8%]
Europe West 1% [Range: 0%-8%]
Scandinavia  1% [Range: 0%-3%]
Caucasus  1% [Range: 0%-3%]

AncestryDNA ethnicity estimates

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Genetic Geneameme

The Genetic Genealogist, Blaine Bettinger, created this geneameme recently on Facebook.
Like Jill at Geniaus, I have opted to complete the geneameme here on my blog.
1. First person you DNA tested? My Dad
2. What was your own first test? Autosomal DNA & MtDNA (FamilyTreeDNA)
3. Year you took your first test? 2012
4. What was your most recent test? AncestryDNA
5. Have you done full mtDNA genome? Yes
6. What is your mtDNA Haplogroup? H26a1a
7. Any exact mtDNA matches? No, only matches with a genetic distance of 1, 2 and 3.
8. Max Y-DNA markers you/male relative tested? 111
9. What is your father’s Y-DNA Haplogroup? R-M269
10. Any exact Y-DNA matches?
111 markers – 1 match with a genetic distance of 6.
67 markers – 3 matches with a genetic distance of 1, 1 match with a genetic distance of 2 and 1 match with a genetic distance of 4 (same match as at 111 markers). All except one have variations of O’Brien surname.
11. Tested at all of the Big 3 Companies? No just FamilyTreeDNA and AncestryDNA.
12. Have you had a whole-genome test? No
13. About how many tests do you control/administer? 6 (I have 4 more kits, waiting to test someone)
14. Do you use GEDmatch? Yes
15. Favorite GEDmatch tool? I like the whole site, but I really appreciate the Tier 1 Utilities Matching Segment Search, especially for its convenience as data to import into GenomeMate Pro.
16. Were you able to test any of your parents? Yes, both
17. Were you able to test any of your grandparents? No
18. Age of the oldest person you’ve tested? 70s.
19. Are you all done testing relatives? No
20. If you could ask ANY one ancestor to test, living or dead, who would it be? Peter Fullerton

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Hello World

This is the first post on my renewed Australian Genealogy Journeys blog.

My banner for my old blog at Blogspot

As in my previous blog, I am hoping to share ideas, news, discoveries, successes and failures as I research my Australian family history. I will also blog about my genetic genealogy discoveries.
In addition to this blog I will also be blogging about my Fullerton Family History on a separate blog, with a particular focus on my searches for Fullard, Follard, Folliard and variants in county Kildare Ireland and surrounding counties.
Thank you for following.

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