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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 11 - Large Family - Edmund and Mary (Mulhall) Joyce Family

This year I have decided to take part in Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks blogging prompts. 

The theme for Week 11 (March 11-17): Large Family.

I am late again with week 11, my NBN Internet connection has been very poor for the last week, unfortunately. 

For this week's theme, Large Family, I have chosen the family of my great-great grandparents Edmund Joyce and Mary (Mulhall) Joyce

Edmund Joyce was born in about 1833 near Whitegate, Galway, Ireland (now located in County Clare), in the Catholic parish of Clonrush, the son of Edmund Joyce and Catherine (Goonane) Joyce. Edmund's father is supposed to have died during the Famine in about 1846. Edmund's widowed mother, Catherine, immigrated to Victoria, Australia with five of her children, including Edmund, in 1855. They followed daughter Mary Joyce who had immigrated to Victoria in 1853. 

Mary Mulhall was born in about 1844 in the Catholic parish of Tubberclaire, Westmeath, Ireland, the daughter of Matthew Mulhall and Margaret (Coghlan) Mulhall. Mary immigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1863. 

Edmund Joyce and Mary Mulhall were married on 2 March 1867 at St Mary of the Angels Catholic Church, Geelong, Victoria. Edmund and Mary lived at Napoleons near Ballarat until 1873 when they selected land at Pannoobamawm in Northern Victoria. 

Edmund and Mary had a family of 15 children - 7 sons and 8 daughters. 

  1. Edmond Thomas Joyce (1867-1950), married
  2. Margaret Mary (Joyce) O'Brien (1869-1925) my great grandmother
  3. Patrick Joyce (1870-1934), married
  4. John Matthew 'Jack' Joyce (1871-1954), married
  5. Annie (Joyce) Turner (1873-1933), married
  6. Catherine 'Sister Monica Mary' Joyce (1875-1948), a twin, a Sister of St Joseph
  7. Mary (Joyce) Brennan (1875-1960), a twin, married
  8. Elizabeth (Joyce) Brennan (1876-1956), married
  9. Julia 'Sister Marie Bernardine' Joyce (1877-?), a Sister of St Joseph
  10. Jane Ellen (Joyce) Kearney (1879-1951), married
  11. Rev. Fr. Matthew Joyce (1880-1950), a Redemptorist Priest
  12. Rose Alice 'Sister M. Edwin' Joyce (1884-1961), a Sister of St Joseph
  13. Rev. Fr. William James Joyce (1885-1966), a Redemptorist Priest
  14. Walter Henry Joyce (1887-1968), married
  15. James Joyce (1888-1971), married

Edmund and Mary lived at Pannoobamawm until they retired to Rochester in 1913. 
Edmund died at Rochester on 1 September 1916. Mary continued to live at Rochester, cared for by her daughters Mary and Rose, and she died there on 3 November 1923. 

Sources: Joyce, Patricia and Margaret Thomas, Joyce - Descendants of Edmund and Catherine Joyce in Australia 1885 to 1975 (Australia: Joyce Descendants, 1975). Please see Joyce Wikitree profiles for further sources. 

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