Thursday, September 20, 2018

Genealogy Do-Over - September 2018

I am taking part in the Genealogy Do-Over this year. 

  1. Conducting Cluster Research
  2. Organizing Research Materials - Documents and Photos

    1. Conducting Cluster Research
    This month's first task for the Genealogy Do-Over is 'Conducting Cluster Research'. Thomas MacEntee lists useful '
    Best Practices for Cluster and Collateral Searching' in this month's Genealogy Do-Over post on his Abundant Genealogy website.
    I have previously used cluster research strategies with success. For example, I was able to find where my 3 x great grandparents - William and Mary (Dunne) Fullerton - were married in Ireland after researching some of the other Irish passengers who arrived in Melbourne on the same ship.
    As I said in my Genealogy Do-Over post for August, I have enormous amounts of existing research of this nature saved on my computer that I will have to consult during my Genealogy Do-Over. 

    2. Organizing Research Materials - Documents and Photos
    I am hoping to keep my research mostly paper-free so next month's task for keeping digital items organized will be more relevant for me. For research items that I acquired in my previous research, there are some that I will want to keep in hard-copy form as well as digital - for example, certificates purchased in hard copy and original photographs.

    I have been intending to buy some archival quality photograph albums, particularly one to give to my uncle who has many original photographs from the paternal side of my family. This month's task has reminded me that
    • I need to look at some of the options for archival quality photo albums available here in Australia. Does anyone have any recommendations?
    I have several folders of family history notes that my Mum and I have collected over many years.
    • I need to sort through these folders, scan or photograph items and assign them to either the 'keep' pile (for certificates and photographs etc.) or to the 'recycle' pile (for scraps of paper with research notes that can be discarded once scanned or photographed)

    The full list of Genealogy Do-Over topics for 2018 is on Thomas MacEntee's Abundant Genealogy web site.

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