Friday, August 24, 2018

Genealogy Do-Over - August 2018

I am taking part in the Genealogy Do-Over this year. 

  1. Conducting Collateral Research
  2. Reviewing Offline Education Options

    1. Conducting Collateral Research

    This month's first task for the Genealogy Do-Over is 'Conducting Collateral Research'. Thomas MacEntee defines Collateral Research as:
    "A search for those who are not direct line ancestors, but who are considered part of the same family. These include siblings, half-siblings, in-laws and others through marriage." 
    In my previous genealogy research before this year's Genealogy Do-Over, I spent a lot of time on collateral research, as well as FAN or cluster research and family reconstitution techniques. I have enormous amounts of existing research of this nature saved on my computer. I will have to consult this research during my Genealogy Do-Over. 

    I am also hoping as I progressively add my ancestors, their siblings and their spouses to WikiTree that any collateral research I undertake will become a lot more useful both for me and for others. My research will no longer be stuck on my computer and could benefit other genealogists across the world. Now for the time and patience to enter the data for all those people!

    2. Reviewing Offline Education Options

    In my previous genealogy research before this year's Genealogy Do-Over, I gathered a collection of genealogy books and journals. I still have most of these on my bookshelf and they are still useful. 

    This month's task also mentions genealogy conferences. While I never attended any genealogy conferences in the past I have previously been to some interesting genealogy talks. However, I don't often travel for several reasons, so my offline education opportunities are for the most part confined to books and journals. 

    The full list of Genealogy Do-Over topics for 2018 is on Thomas MacEntee's Abundant Genealogy web site.

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