Sunday, December 23, 2018

A Surname Table

I have just been reading Our Surname Tables for DNA Research at the Family History Fanatics blog. I saw a link to that post on Facebook today and thought that I would try to create a surname table too. 

Here is the resulting table:

I decided to create a second table, colour coding the surnames with the country of birth of that ancestor. 

This colour coded surname table demonstrates that most of the 'gaps' at the 4th great-grandparent level are in Ireland, due to the scarcity of Irish records in the early 1800s and before. Additionally, it illustrates how I can have so many 5th-to-distant-cousin DNA matches with no known shared surnames, because I have 17 4th great grandparents with an unknown surname. 

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The idea for the surname table came from 
Our Surname Tables for DNA Research at the Family History Fanatics blog.

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