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What to do with Autosomal DNA test results - Recommended Methodology (Links)

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Back in July (in my post FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder Autosomal DNA test - Update July 2013) I made a request on this blog asking if any of my known cousins would be interested in taking a autosomal DNA test for the purposes of genetic genealogy. I am very happy and grateful to report that so far two of my Dad's third cousins have taken the Family Finder test with FamilyTreeDNA. One third cousin's results were posted very recently and she matches both my Dad and I.
To assist my cousins and anyone else who has recently taken the Family Finder test, I have decided to put together a list of links to articles I have found useful.

FTDNA's New Look for Family Finder results
+Rebekah Canada at Haplogroup blog
FTDNA Family Finder Gets A New Look Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.

+Maurice Gleeson at DNA and Family Tree Research blog -
A Systematic Approach to Analysing your Autosomal DNA Matches - Introduction

DNAAdoption.comA Methodology for Researching Autosomal DNA Results from Family Finder
and Succeeding with Autosomal DNA (by Jim Bartlett)

Kitty Cooper's blog - Making a spreadsheet of autosomal DNA matches and Chromosome Mapper
Organizing your Autosomal DNA Information with a Spreadsheet (by Jim Bartlett)

Advanced Methodology
International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) Wiki - Phasing
ISOGG Wiki - Chromosome Mapping
ISOGG Wiki - Autosomal DNA Tools
ISOGG Wiki - Admixture Analyses
Roberta Estes at DNA eXplained blog - The Autosomal Me - Summary and PDF file

+Judy G. Russell at The Legal Genealogist blog - Gedmatch: A DNA geek's dream site

+CeCe Moore at Your Genetic Genealogist blog - Brought to you by DNA Adoption Community ...DNAGedcom
+Rebekah Canada at Haplogroup blog - Use DNAGedcom to Download FTDNA FamilyFinder Data and Open and Edit a FTDNA Chromosome Browser File

More options for learning
ISOGG Wiki - Genetic Genealogy mailing lists
ISOGG Wiki - Genetic Genealogy blogs

For more genetic genealogy links see my Genetic Genealogy board on Pinterest.

Update August 2014
Another tool I am finding useful is Genome Mate software, described on the software's web site as:
'a desktop tool used to organize in one place the data collected while researching DNA comparisons. Besides data storage it has many features to aid in identifying common ancestors'.
For more information see Genome Mate Overview on Rebecca Walker's blog Solving Genealogy Puzzles With DNA.

Another useful tool is the Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer (ADSA) Version 2 at

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