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FamilyTreeDNA Y-DNA Test - Update July 2013

In April 2012 I posted Part 1 of my posts regarding my Dad's Y-DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA, this was followed in May 2012 by Part 2

After more than a year, an update on my genetic genealogy journey is definitely due. 

Lesson 1: Don't jump to conclusions as a beginner.
If you read my previous post on this subject (Part 1 and Part 2) you will see that I jumped to a few conclusions, for example:

  • It looked like my Dad's test results confirmed we were not O'Briens. 
  • It looked like my Dad's test results confirmed I wasn't as Irish as I thought I was, or at least it didn't appear that my father's father's father's line stretching back in time was Irish (most of Dad's Y-DNA matches appeared to be of Scottish or Northern English origins). 
However, new matches since 2012 have revealed that my Dad does match with other O'Briens, as well as Breens, with origins in the north of Ireland.

Lesson 2: The genetic genealogy databases grow over time. This is a long-term genealogy investment. 

The following table shows my Dad's Y-DNA match statistics from April/May 2012 compared to July 2013. Since May 2012 I upgraded my Dad's test to the 67 marker test. As you can see, Dad now has two good matches at 66/67 (call this match A) and 63/67 (match B) with similar origins.
Family Tree DNA's 'TiP report' predicts that my Dad has an 82.79% chance of sharing a common ancestor with match A within the last 8 generations and a 97.48% chance within the last 12 generations. Match B has a 41.69% chance of sharing a common ancestor with my Dad in the last 8 generations and a 77.05% chance within the last 12 generations. I already know a paper trail for my O'Brien/Breen line back 6 generations as follows: my Dad, grandfather, great grandfather, 2 x great grandfather Michael O'Brien (c1833-1925), 3 x great grandfather Owen Breen (c1800-1875), 4 x great grandfather Hugh Breen (est 1770s -  est 1820s/1830s). 

Can you help?
If your paternal Y-DNA line has a surname like Breen / O'Brien or similar variations, and your earliest ancestor on that line originated in Ireland in counties Armagh, Louth, Monaghan, Tyrone, Fermanagh and/or surrounding counties, please consider a Y-DNA test at FamilyTreeDNA (and please also comment on this blog post, I'd love to hear from you). The more descendants of these families take tests the more accurate and useful the results will be for all genealogists. Thanks. 

As an extra incentive to encourage new people to take the genetic genealogy journey, Family Tree DNA is having a good sale on all tests right now, until 26 July 2013. I get nothing for advertising this, but I recommend Family Tree DNA based on my experiences as a customer.
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