Monday, June 3, 2013

Motivation Monday - Goals for June 2013

My goals for May 2013 were:
  1. Correct the text of 5 articles tagged at Trove and then post one Trove Tuesday post to this blog. (Goals for 2013 Writing, Research and 'Giving Back' Goal). Achieved. 
  2. Complete reading Getting the Most From Family Historian 5. I am currently up to page 167 of 238 (Goals for 2013 Education Goal). Achieved.
  3. Extract data from at least another 10 source documents during May for my Fullerton family history writing project (a continuation of February's Family History Writing Challenge) (Goals for 2013 Writing Goal). Achieved.
My goals for June 2013 are:
  1. Correct the text of more articles tagged at Trove. I will aim to correct at least another 500-1000 lines of text during June. (Goals for 2013 Research and 'Giving Back' Goal)
  2. Continue extracting data from at least another 20 source documents during June for my Fullerton family history writing project (a continuation of February's Family History Writing Challenge) (Goals for 2013 Writing Goal)
  3. Tag my photographs for at least one year (I will start with 1990) with keywords for names, locations, events etc. Delete any duplicate photographs. (Goals for 2013 Organisation Goal)
  4. Begin my new family history database as a Project in Family Historian 5. (Goals for 2013  Organisation Goal)
  5. Photograph all my Port Phillip Pioneers Group newsletters and my Genealogical Society of Victoria Irish Ancestry Group 'Blarney' newsletters. This will be the beginning of my goal to reduce paper and declutter my magazine collections. (Goals for 2013  Organisation Goal)
  6. Post an updated genetic genealogy journey post to this blog. (Goals for 2013 Research and Writing Goal)
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  1. Very impressive Aillin. I am almost embarrassed to say that I have every family history journal or magazine since 1986 in my study and they will have to go when we move house.

    I had not thought of photographing the articles that I particularly wanted to keep. Good idea thanks.

    I wish more Societies had digital journals - thankfully the Guild of ONS & Anglo Italian both do,and I can download my copy and pass along my paper copy and not feel guilty.

    Ah the trials and tribulations of a genealogical hoarder!

    1. Julie, I am definitely a genealogical hoarder too. So far I'm going well with the plan to digitise my newsletters and any magazine articles of interest. I have a long way to go though!

  2. So the month is nearly over. Just wondering how you are going with your goals? Your list seems very hopeful to me.

    1. Thanks Sharon. :-) You are right, my list was a bit too hopeful!! So far I have only managed to achieve 3 and 5 and little bits of 1 and 2. I've definitely decided to postpone 4 and 6. A little at a time and I'll get through it all, but I will have to learn to be a bit more realistic in my monthly goals :-)


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