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Trove Tuesday - South Elmore Annual Picnic and Sports, 1907

Bendigo Advertiser, Friday 25 October 1907, page 5. 
SOUTH ELMORE, 24th October. 
The annual picnic and sports in connection with the local State school were held in Mr. Holmes's paddock, about a mile from the township. There was a good attendance of parents, accompanied by their children, who were laden with all sorts of edibles etc. The headmaster (Mr. D. P. Kelly) assisted by the elder folks, did all in their power to promote the enjoyment of the children. During the afternoon a capital programme of races, etc. was carried out. Results: - Handicap Trot - Mr. B. Sullivan's Tommy (R. Dawson), 1. Mr. W. Fullerton's  Tariff (Owner), 2. Young Men's Race - P. Cleary. 1: D. McCormick, 2: J. McCormick. 3. Nail-driving (ladies) - Miss A Dawson. Gents' Hat Trimming - G. Fullerton, 1: G. Gleeson, 2; J. Fullerton. 3. Married Ladies' Race - Mrs Millman. 1: Mrs. Fullerton, 2: Mrs. Boyd, 3. At the conclusion of the sports refreshments were laid out on tables etc., and those present partook of a splendid repast. After tea an adjournment was made to the local hall where a dance was held for the elder people. Mr. P. Cleary acted as M.C. while the music for the dance was supplied by Messrs J. McKee, J. Harney and J. Murray. During the interval Misses A. and F. Simmie with bagpipe accompaniments by Mr. J. Murray, danced the sailor's hornpipe and Highland fling. At midnight supper was provided by Mr. A. Vanthoff, of Elmore, and about 60 couples sat down to partake of the good things provided. After supper dancing was resumed, and continued   until an early hour in the morning. The secretarial arrangements were capably carried out by Miss A. Dawson.  Measles are very prevalent in this district, numbers of school children being affected.
Now I have learnt that:
  • My great great uncles George Fullerton and James Atkinson Fullerton took part in the 'Gent's Hat Trimming' contest (George won and James came third!)
  • My great great uncle William Peter Fullerton, riding his horse named Tariff, came second in the Handicap Trot.
  • And because there would not have been any other 'Mrs Fullerton' in the area at that time, I now know that my Great Great Grandmother, Dorothea Fullerton (nee Atkinson), aged 50, came second in the 'Married Ladies' Race'! (I obviously didn't inherit my athletic abilities - read non-abilities - from this branch of my family!!)
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  1. What on earth is hat trimming!!

    1. Not sure!! But I'm leaning towards the idea of hat decorating. So the ladies had a competition hammering nails and gents decorated hats, sort of swapping usual roles (that's my interpretation anyway, I may be wrong). But how funny that my great great uncles were in the hat decorating competition :) I love Trove!


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