Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day - A Tribute to Patrick's in my Family Tree

A stained glass window of St Patrick in
St Joseph's Catholic Church,
Rochester, Victoria.
The memorial says: 'In memory of
Patrick and Mary Doherty, R.I.P'.
These are not my ancestors but other
ancestors were part of the
congregation at this Church.
St Patrick, pray for us.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Twenty of my thirty-two 3 x Great Grandparents came from Ireland. I've never been to Ireland myself, but I would love to go there someday. The only one from my immediate family who had been to Ireland was my brother. This post is dedicated to him and all the Patrick's in my family tree.

Here are a selection of Patrick's from my family tree:

Direct Ancestors

My Great Grandparents, Millie and Paddy McCarthy. 

Indirect Family
  • Patrick Breen (c1798-1883) of County Armagh, Ireland. The brother of my 3 x Great Grandfather Owen Breen (c1800-1875). 
  • Patrick Hehir (c1800-c1880) of Killow, County Clare, Ireland, married Bridget O'Neill 1835 Newmarket on Fergus, County Clare, Ireland. Patrick is believed to be the brother of my 3 x Great Grandfather, Timothy Hehir. 
  • Patrick Joyce (c1839-1915) born Whitegate, County Galway (now in County Clare) and married Adelaide Toovey in 1876 in Maryborough, Queensland. The brother of my Great Great Grandfather, Edmund Joyce
  • Patrick Joyce (1870-1934), born Buninyong, married Margaret McInerney, six children, died Ararat. The brother of my Great Grandmother, Margaret O'Brien (nee Joyce). 
  • Patrick McCarthy (c1843-1925), born County Kerry, married Ellen O'Sullivan, ten children, died Heathcote, Victoria. The brother of my Great Great Grandfather, John McCarthy (1835-1885). 
This is just a selection of the Patricks I have in my (old) Legacy Family Tree database. I just had a count and I have about 90 Patricks altogether in that database! 

How many Patrick's do you have in your family database? 
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

In loving memory of the people closest to me who had Patrick in their name:
my brother and my nephew. 

(Sources available on request)

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  1. What a good theme for St Patrick's Day Aillin! You certainly have a good smattering of Patricks. It made me realise that despite my myriad Irish branches I don't have any...weird isn't it?

    1. Thanks Pauleen. Not one Patrick? That is amazing :)

    2. I have a few... will have to check and let you know ...that is a great idea for your post... Thank you.
      Had to do it, or I would have lain awake all night, again... 21 and a William Kilpatrick... that includes a few with Patrick as a second name.I didn't count the two duplicated entries... you did me a favour... another to add to my to do list!

      I noticed you have a few Bridgets also, so do I, but not going back to count those now... :-)

  2. I fibbed :-(

    My database doesn't let me do this so easily for some stupid reason (or perhaps the operator is stupid).

    I was right -none in my direct line, but three who married in, one in a recent generation,one to my 2xgreat grandmother's sister, Catherine O'Brien and one to my 2xgreat aunt. One child Patrick (to Catherine and Patrick Hogan) died in infancy. Other than that mine mostly have Denis, Michael, Thomas, James, Joseph. It is a bit weird when you think about it that there's not more Patricks, and none in my direct lines


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