Monday, February 4, 2013

February Photo Collage - Day 4 - Could this be James Atkinson Fullerton?

Type of Photograph: ?
Photographic Studio: G.L Massingham, Deniliquin. 
Location of Original: In the possession of my cousins, D & A Watson. I have a digitised copy of this photograph.
Date: 1900s? I found a 1907 reference to G.L Massingham Deniliquin on Trove

Dorothea's brooch from the photograph I featured on this blog yesterday

Could the photograph (which possibly shows James Atkinson Fullerton) be the same photograph from Dorothea's brooch? I know I had to use a bit of imagination.The image on the right has been filtered, blurred and skewed in Photoshop Elements. Could they be the same person? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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  1. I would think that the brooch photo is the same as the one you have compared it with... when in doubt, look at and compare the ears... they are always the giveaway... I hope you find the proof eventually.

    1. Thanks Crissouli, I would be great to find the proof.

  2. I had some other comments published here but I have lost them somehow, please if you commented on this post you may have to do so again.


Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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