Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Photo Collage - Day 3 - Dorothea (Atkinson) Fullerton

The third photograph I have chosen from my February Photo Collage is a photograph showing my Great Great Grandmother Dorothea Ellen (nee Atkinson) Fullerton (1857-1923). 

Type of Photograph: Real Photo Postcard.
Photographic Studio: The Yeoman Studios. 
Location of Original: In the possession of my uncle. The original is damaged, it has two missing corners.
Date: 1910s. Probably post 1912. 
The reverse of the postcard. There are two different sets of handwriting on the reverse: one set of writing says 'To Agnes with love' and was probably written by Dorothea herself. Agnes was her daughter, my Great Grandmother. The other notes are in a darker coloured pen and were written later by my Grandma. 
Above is a cropped and zoomed image showing the brooch Dorothea is wearing in the photograph. I have a working theory that this is a photograph of Dorothea's son, James Atkinson Fullerton. I believe this is a mourning brooch. James Atkinson Fullerton died on 9 July 1912, at the age of 24, after having endured with tuberculosis for the previous 12 months. I have a scan of another photograph which could very well be the same photograph visible on Dorothea's brooch. I will feature that photograph on this blog tomorrow. 
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  1. I think you're right about the mourning brooch Aillin even though I've not seen an actual one. It fits with her dark outfit and tie. How wonderful to have a copy!

    1. I didn't actually see the brooch the first time I looked at the photo it was only later on that I did. I wonder what became of the brooch? I have lots of second and third cousins who could have it and maybe don't even know they do!!

  2. I never heard of a mourning brooch before. I wish my great grandmother had been wearing one in the photo taken after her husband died because I have no photos of him.

    I've got some of those photos's like your postcard with the original writing and "helpful" identifications added later by my grandmother or mother.I do appreciate them even though they make it different than it was originally. Better than just being left to wonder who is who forever.

    1. Thanks Kristin. Yes, the original writing and the later identifications are both useful and also say something about the chain of ownership of the photograph. I'm grateful that my Grandma took the time to label these photographs and also to write her own name so people later could know who had added the identifying notes.


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