Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Photo Collage - Day 28 - Mary Brown (nee Fullerton)


This post is for day 28, the final day of the February Photo Collage Festival.
The photograph above from my February Photo Collage is of my great great great aunt, Mary Brown (nee Fullerton) (1851-1935) . This photograph was taken during the 1930s while Mary was living at Portland, New South Wales, with her daughter Elva and Elva's family. Mary was aged in her 80s and was probably blind at this time. At that time, this photograph was entered into a 'beauty in old age' competition. While Mary did not win the competition, she does look very beautiful in this photograph, in my opinion :)

Photographer: Unknown.
Location of original: In the possession of a cousin, Rosalie. Many thanks Rosalie.
Date: early 1930s.
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  1. I've been loving your posts, you have the most amazing photographs, what a collection. My favourite so far has to be this one, your 3rd great aunt looks like a wonderful character, and yes, a beautiful lady.

    1. Thanks Crissouli, I find she looks like such a nice person who I would like to know.

  2. I've enjoyed following your posts. Well done on completing the month & in having such great photos to talk about.

    1. Thanks Alison. I enjoyed putting the photo collection too. I'm so grateful to the many relatives who have allowed me to view their collections. It's so good to have photographs to go with names, dates and stories :)


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