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February Photo Collage - Day 25 - Effie & Joe Bell

This post is for day 25 of the February Photo Collage Festival. Firstly I would like to apologise that I haven't been able to comment on many of the posts by other bloggers. I hope to be able to do so at the end of the month.

The photograph above from my February Photo Collage shows Mary Jemima Euphemia (Effie) Brown (1872-1942) and her husband Joseph Thomas (Joe) Bell in 1931. Effie was the eldest daughter of George Brown and Mary (nee Fullerton) Brown. Effie was born in Sandhurst (Bendigo) in 1872. Her father George was an engine driver for the Victorian Railways and the Brown children were born at various different places over the following years:

  • Alice Elizabeth Brown b.1874 Melbourne d. 1875
  • Margaret Jessie Brown b.1876 Benalla d. 1880 Ballarat
  • George James Fullerton Brown b.1878 Ballarat d. 1940 Mentone
  • William Peter Brown b.1881 Ballarat d.1953 North Fitzroy
  • Grace Marcella Brown b.1883 Ballarat d. 1917 Ascot Vale
  • Robert Melville Brown b.1885 Ballarat d. 1913 Clarendon
  • Agnes Elizabeth Elsie Brown b.1888 Ballarat d. 1920 Melbourne
  • John Percival De Renzie Brown b.1890 Ballarat d.1891 Ballarat
  • Doris Edna Brown b.1892 Ballarat d. 1916 Ascot Vale
  • Margaret Elva Brown b.1894 Ballarat d.1974 Sydney NSW
  • Edward Thomas Brown b.1897 Sale d. 1937 Melbourne

If you have been following my earlier February Photo Collage posts you will notice that the Fullerton siblings often named their children the same names!

In 1905 George Brown won a case of unfair dismissal against the Victorian Railways (I will post the newspaper articles relevant to this case in an an upcoming Trove Tuesday post). With his compensation money, George was able to buy the Corduroy Bridge Hotel in Clarendon, where the family lived from c1906-c1914.

In about 1910 Effie Brown moved from Clarendon, Victoria to Mount Molloy in north Queensland where her first cousin (De Renzie Percival Fullerton) lived. On 2 July 1919 at the age of 47, Effie married Joseph Thomas (Joe) Bell. Effie died at Mareeba, Queensland on 16 May 1942.

Photographer: Unknown.
Location of original: This photograph was scanned from an original held by a cousin, Rosalie. Thanks Rosalie. The original has a message written at the bottom which says: "With love from Auntie Effie + Uncle Joe '31"
Date: 1931.

(Sources available on request)
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  1. Isn't that interesting that Effie is a shortening or nickname for Euphemia? I would never have thought of/guessed that....


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