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February Photo Collage - Day 2 - Peter & Dorothea Fullerton


The second photograph I have chosen from my February Photo Collage is a photograph showing my Great Great Grandfather Peter Fullerton (1840-1924) and his wife, my Great Great Grandmother Dorothea Ellen (nee Atkinson) Fullerton (1857-1923).

I have written about Dorothea's family on this blog before, please see my previous post A is for Atkinson.

Copies of this photograph as distributed among many of the Fullerton descendants, so much so that I am not sure who holds the actual 'original'. It is probable that a copy of this photograph was given to each of the Fullerton children and therefore there are several 'originals' in existence. I can see I am going to have to be more careful when I scan photographs in the future. At the time I scan a photograph I need to write notes about the condition of the photograph (Is it an original? Is it a copy? Does it have anything written or printed on the back of the photograph?) and possibly also ask questions about the photographs' provenance. Sometimes I have been a bit lazy in my research.

My copy of this photograph was scanned from a photograph in one of my uncles' albums. It would have belonged to my Grandma who was Peter's and Dorothea's granddaughter.

Type of Photograph: Unknown (cabinet card?)
Photographic Studio: Unknown. None of the copies of this photograph that I have seen has had any photographic studio mark.
Location of Original: Unknown. Copies of this photograph are distributed among many Fullerton descendants.
Date: I am making as guesstimate that this photograph was taken in the 1910s.

A short narrative using this photo as a prompt:

{I am also including notes to remind myself of ideas I have for further research while I am writing}
According to family stories, Peter Fullerton, after he had been engaged in droving cattle between Queensland and Victoria, returned to Elmore, Victoria, where he operated a butchers shop. One day local girl Dorothea Atkinson came into Peter's shop. It is said that Peter then decided that she was the girl he wanted to marry (ref. 1).
{notes:  I need to expand this section. What else was Peter doing in the early 1870s before he married in 1876? I need to find out more about the butchers shop. Was the shop in Elmore? In 1874 Peter gave his address as Echuca. What was he doing in Echuca? I have several reference to drovers named Fullerton from the digitised newspapers at Trove, do these references to 'Fullerton in charge' refer to just Peter's brother James or do they refer to Peter as well?}
Peter Fullerton married Dorothea Ellen Atkinson at St Kilian's Catholic Church, Sandhurst (Bendigo) on Saturday 1 July 1876. The marriage celebrant was Father Stephen Reville. According to the marriage certificate, Peter was then a 35-year-old farmer residing at Runnymede, Victoria. Dorothea was described as a 19-year-old spinster, also residing Runnymede. She gave her parents names as James Atkinson, a farmer, and 'Catherine Hellen' (omitting her mothers maiden name of Pickis). The marriages witnesses were Ellen Murray and Dorothea's father, James Atkinson (ref. 2). 
{note: Who was Ellen Murray? A friend of Dorothea's? A neighbour? What was the weather like on Saturday 1 July 1876? What was happening in Bendigo around that time? Why did Dorothea not give her mother's maiden name on the marriage certificate?}
In 1876 Peter selected 123 acres of land in the Parish of Egerton, south west of Elmore. The Fullerton home was 'a two roomed bark hut with a shingle roof on the banks of the Picanniny Creek at Avonmore'. The Fullertons called their property 'Clover Banks' (ref. 1).
{note: I have several references from newspapers and government gazettes referring to Peter selecting land in the 1870s and 1880s, I need to sort them all out so that I can include them here usefully in the narrative. I find the references all the Land Acts a bit confusing so I think I will need to do a lot more background reading (The Lands Guide) on the subject of Victorian Land selection before I can write this section of the history with any confidence.}

This isn't quite 500 words. Instead of writing my daily 500 words on this blog I will spend some time organising the land selection references I have and see if I can write more about them offline. 

  1. Peter and Dorothy Fullerton Family History, booklet, published c1976. 
  2. Marriage Certificate of Peter Fullerton and Dorothea Atkinson, 1876, Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria, Australia, 3067/1876.
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  1. Interesting the way you wrote it and also gave notes to yourself about what you needed to do. I was thinking some of the same thoughts as I wrote mine but didn't include them. Might be something I do later on.

  2. Great idea Aillin -I too find this "note to self" strategy useful when writing. I hope you untangle which of the Trove stories belong to your lot & which land grant is which. I think we all make mistakes about documentation when we start out (and sometimes later) thinking we'll never forget where or who we came by it. I like how you'r documenting the type of photograph it is and the photographer.


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