Sunday, February 17, 2013

February Photo Collage - Day 17 - Margaret Fullerton & William Gleeson


This post is for day 17 of the February Photo Collage Festival.

The photograph above, from my February Photo Collage, is the 1926 wedding photograph of my great great aunt Margaret Louisa (Maggie) Fullerton (1897-1968) and her husband William Thomas Gleeson (1895-1950) . Maggie was the ninth and youngest daughter of Peter & Dorothea Fullerton.  My Grandma, who would have been nearly 14 years old, acted as bridesmaid for her aunt. 

I still need to find the newspaper reports for all these Fullerton weddings. It will involve some old fashioned trawling through the local newspapers on microfilm at the library, but it will be worth it! 

Photographer: Unknown.
Location of Original: I digitised this from a copy in my Grandma's album, now in the possession of my uncle. The copy was sent to my Grandma by her first cousin Kath, who may have the original.
Date and Place: 2 June 1926, Elmore, Victoria.

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  1. Catching up intermittently... I've been loving the photos, what a great collection you have, I've also enjoyed the few stories I've read... thank you, Aillin

  2. I love the veils from this era. The downside of this collage series is not having time to comment. It's great that you have so many photos shared from different sources.

    1. I agree! I am spending so much time doing my posts, it's hard to find time to break away and go look at the other entries. There must be some way to combine writing and looking!


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