Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Photo Collage - Day 13 - George Brown Fullerton Memorial Plaque

This post is for day 13 of the February Photo Collage Festival.
The photograph above, from my February Photo Collage, is a photograph of George Brown Fullerton's Memorial Plaque. This plaque is held by the Watson family who kindly allowed me to photograph it when Fullerton descendants met for a family reunion in October 2010.

A memorial plaque like this is often known as a "Dead Man's Penny". These plaques were presented to the next of kin of soldiers, sailors or nurses who died while serving Australia during the First World War.
The large, round, bronze Memorial Plaque...shows Britannia and a lion on the front, surrounded by the inscription He died for freedom and honour. The full name of the dead soldier is engraved on the right hand side of the plaque. No rank, unit or decorations are shown, symbolising the equality of sacrifice of all casualties.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this Aillin, I've heard of the Dead Man's Penny but not seen one quite like it.

  2. I like that they didn't put rank etc. on to show equality of sacrifice.

  3. I wonder what ever happened to Albert Warner's?


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