Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Photo Collage - Day 12 - George Brown Fullerton

The photograph above, from my February Photo Collage, is of my great great uncle, George Brown Fullerton (1890-1917), the son of Peter and Dorothea Fullerton.
I have previously written about George in the following posts:
This post is for day 12 of the February Photo Collage Festival.

Photographic Studio: Kalma, 57 & 59 Pall Mall, Bendigo.
Location of Original: Several versions of this photograph held by cousins. I have a digitised copy of this photograph.
Date: probably 1916.
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  1. I have someone in my album wearing a uniform resembling this one. He was also in WW1 but in the US army and he lived through it.

    Interesting reading the links about your 2Xgreat uncle.


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