Monday, February 11, 2013

February Photo Collage - Day 11 - Fullerton siblings, 1950

Six of the Fullerton siblings at Agnes Ellen Smith's 70th Birthday, January 1950.
Back row L-R: Margaret Louisa (Maggie) Gleeson (nee Fullerton) (1897-1968), William Peter (Will) Fullerton (1885-1950), Elsie May Watson (nee Fullerton) (1892-1964). 
Front row L-R: Nellie Isabella McCormick (nee Fullerton) (1883-1968), Agnes Ellen Smith (nee Fullerton)(1880-1963), Ethel Maud (Ettie) Tobin (later Tobin) (1896-1955).

The photograph above is for day 11 of the February Photo Collage Festival. It is sad to realise that this photograph was taken less than two months before Will Fullerton's death in March 1950, at the age of 64.

I missed posting photographs for days 8, 9 and 10 of the February Photo Collage as I did not have Internet access from my laptop computer. I will make the photographs for those days some of the images from the collage which I will not be posting because (a) subject of the photograph was born post 1900 or (b) the copy of the photograph that I have is poor quality.

Day 8 - A baby photograph of Euphemia Mary (Effie) Fullerton (1877-1924). Not posted to this blog for reason (b). My copy of this photograph is a photo of a photo in an album, rather than a high quality scan.
Day 9 - Portrait of a daughter of De Renzie Percival Fullerton (son of James Fullerton 1843-1889). Not posted to this blog for reason (a).
Day 10 - Marriage photograph of a daughter of De Renzie Percival Fullerton. Not posted to this blog for reason (a).

The three photographs mentioned above for days 8, 9 and 10 are featured in my February Photo Collage.
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  1. That is sad he died soon after but it's good he was up and about and that the photograph was made.


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