Thursday, February 14, 2013

February Photo Collage - Day 14 - Elsie Fullerton & James Watson

This post is for day 14 of the February Photo Collage Festival.
The photograph above, from my February Photo Collage, shows my great great aunt Elsie May Fullerton (1892-1964) and her husband James Alexander Donaldson Watson (1891-1984) on the occasion of their wedding in January 1918. Elsie was the sixth daughter of Peter & Dorothea Fullerton

Photographic Studio: Unknown. Probably in Bendigo.
Location of Original: In the possession of my cousins D & A Watson I have a digitised copy of this photograph.
Date: 1918.

If you are interested in the Watson family, please take a look at The Watsons family history blog created by a descendant of the Watson family.
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  1. It's interesting to see that you have a cluster who married across this time period...a connection to their ages, or war fever I wonder.

  2. I went wandering over on the Watson page and got lost trying to find out what happened to the couple above. Unfortunately, they were a side line and I didn't find them.


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