Saturday, January 12, 2013

Regarding Blog Awards

Blogging Genealogy: Blog Awards & SEO -
Caroline Pointer has very recently posted an interesting post at her Blogging Genealogy blog regarding the negative  hidden search engine optimisation effects of blog awards.

I have recently been honoured by fellow geneabloggers with two blog awards: the Blog of the Year 2012 award (of which I blogged about yesterday) and the Wonderful Team Readership award (for which I was composing a post). These awards were really appreciated.
However, Caroline's post has confirmed some  uneasiness I felt about the system of blog awards.

I really appreciate the nominations I received for these blog awards and the bloggers I nominated were chosen because I genuinely enjoyed their blogs and wanted to acknowledge them on my blog. With this in mind I will soon create a 'blogs I follow' post acknowledging and linking to many of the blogs I read and enjoy.

Thanks to all my blog followers, especially those who nominated my blog for the blog awards. I really appreciate all of my readers and fellow geneabloggers.


  1. Thanks for this link and story Aillin. Given I kicked off this round of 2012 blog awards, I have to say I'm dismayed by the consequences for everyone. My goal originally was simply to acknowledge a handful of the bloggers who particularly touched me in 2012. My xoncerns were about slighting my other favourites.

    As I've mentioned I have a dedicated page on my blog where I link to the blogs I follow, though it's probably due for an update. Rather than issuing awards perhaps we should just donperiod posts reminding readers the list is there.

  2. Like you Allin, I was awarded both awards & as I write this one post has been written and one still to go. I have always felt delighted that people "award" various banners as a way of saying I like your blog/posts/content etc, and in the past I have usually (often) linked it in to Kiva.

    The award is about networking, saying I like these blogs just like a roll call, but without all the linking back, although that said, I have come across some great blogs because of the linking back. My next post relating to awards is in relation to the team Readership Award will be up next week.

  3. Thanks for this info Aillin. Most useful. You can check Pauleen's Blog for my more detailed response but wanted to say what a good idea, of yours, it is to tell your nominees that there is no need to make a link back to your blog.
    Information and suggestions, like this, enable people to make informed choices as whether to accept an award and, if so, follow through in ways that are best for them. Many thanks, again. Catherine.

  4. Thanks for this post, Aillin. I now have a better grasp of the blog award concept. I like Pauleen's idea above.

  5. Thanks Pauleen, Julie, Catherine and Fi. Again, please know I gave my awards genuinely. I am grateful for Caroline's article, which I discovered the next day and thought it was important enough that I blogged about it via my mobile.

  6. So pleased you appreciated my well deserved Award nomination Aillin and passed it on. Sincere congrats to all the recipients.
    Thanks also for posting Caroline Pointer's most informative and valuable article Aillin. It's given us all a lot of "food for thought" about the awards system, whether we want to continue to be involved etc...
    Just wanted to let you know that I've posted an article on my Blog, about this matter, which may be of interest and particularly the comments other Bloggers are making. You can access it on:
    Thanks again for sharing Caroline's incredibly valuable info and happy blogging... Cheerio, Catherine.

  7. I was grateful to know about your discovery and blogged about it myself as well. Lots of conversation about it, with many concerns. Won't go over the ground again, but thank you for alerting us to Caroline's article.


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