Friday, November 2, 2012

Z is for Z as in Elizabeth - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 26

Image from Gould Genealogy & History
This is my contribution to Week 26 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is Z.

I do not have any surnames, given names or locations in my family history beginning with the letter Z. So I am going to have to be a little creative with my theme again. 

Z is for...Z as in Elizabeth
I have several direct ancestors named Elizabeth and one named Eliza.
  • My Great Great Grandmother - Eliza O'Brien (nee Carew) (c1846-1924). See my posts C is for Carew
  • My 4 x Great Grandmother - Elizabeth Randall (nee Judd) (1767-1823). See post post J is for Judd.
  • My 4 x Great Grandmother - Elizabeth Preston (nee Heading) (1801-1836). See my post H is for Heading.
  • My 4 x Great Grandmother - Elizabeth Pickis (nee Bond) (1795-1839). See my posts B is for Bond and L is for London
  • My 5 x Great Grandmother - Elizabeth Pickis (nee Blows) (c1767-1847). See my post L is for London. I still have a lot of research to complete regarding my Blows family.
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  1. Elizabeth is such a classy name, too.

  2. Love the creativity Aillin!! A lovely way to remeber your "Eliabeth's". Thank you for taking part in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge, it's been a pleasure to have you join us, and for sharing your family with us.


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