Saturday, October 13, 2012

V is for Victoria - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 22

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This is my contribution to Week 22 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is V
I have no surnames in my direct ancestry beginning with the letter V so I have chosen another location. 

V is for...Victoria
The majority of my Australian ancestors resided in the state of Victoria. 

The towns and regions of Victoria relevant to my direct ancestors include:

If I include collateral family lines however, I have genealogical interests in just about every region of the state. Please see my Diigo links tagged Victoria for a selection of web sites and internet resources related to Victoria. 
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  1. your Victorian roots run deep Aillin..I'll know where o turn if/when I need help with Mr Cassmob's Victorian family. Did I tell you we have q mixed marriage .Vic grafted to Qld;-)

  2. With your family coming from those regions of Victoria, you've certainly got some fabulous regional genealogy groups to help you along the way.


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