Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trove Tuesday - Finding Drovers on Trove

I missed last week's Trove Tuesday blogging prompt as I was fortunate enough to spend time sightseeing and photographing on a two day journey ('there and back again') to Broken Hill, Menindee, Pooncarie and Balranald in western New South Wales. A lot of that country is looking really beautiful because of rain earlier this year. Many thanks to my brother for taking me on this journey.

My thoughts did turn in a genealogical direction, but I was unfortunately not able to visit the grave of my Great Great Aunt, Henrietta (Ettie) Gertrude McLernon (nee Ellis) (1872-1956) at the Broken Hill Cemetery - that will have to wait for my next journey! However, while travelling through the Kinchega National Park along the Darling River between Menindee and Pooncarie I thought about another genealogy discovery I made through Trove.

Family oral history had stated that my Great Great Grandfather, Peter Fullerton (1840-1824) and his brother James (1843-1889) were both involved in cattle droving between Queensland and Victoria. I still have not been able to discover much information about the Fullerton brother's time as drovers, but small references found through Trove have provided many clues.

Kinchega National Park, 17 September 2012. A thick carpet of Cooper Clover makes the land look green. I wonder were the Fullerton brothers fortunate enough to drove cattle through in good years like this? Or did they  have to deal with floods and droughts? So many questions that Trove could help to answer!
The following is one of the first of many references I have found via Trove regarding the Fullertons' droving days. 
Deniliquin.- At Wentworth our correspondent writes - 2,500 fat wethers from Monaro passed Pooncaira on the 14th for Adelaide; 400 fat cattle (Parker's) passed Pooncaira on the 16th for Melbourne (Fullarton in charge) via Euston road... 
1872 'COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE.', The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956), 5 November, p. 4, viewed 25 September, 2012, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article5841791 

'Parker' mentioned in the article was pastoralist Langloh Parker who held Kallara Station at the time.

On the subject of drovers, I should also mention that my Great Great Aunt Ettie McLernon (nee Ellis) was married to a drover, Patrick McLernon. Ettie and Patrick were married in Adelaide, South Australia in 1906. Both of them are buried at the Broken Hill Cemetery

Tips for finding references to drovers in the digitised newspapers on Trove:
  • Search for exact phrases by enclosing the key words in inverted commas. For example, search for the phrase "[Surname of drover] in charge" (e.g. "Fullerton in charge" - and also remember to search for surname variants). 
  • Add key words like 'cattle' or 'stock', or phrases like "stock reports".
  • Search for the names of pastoralists the drover worked for e.g. 'Parker' or "Langloh Parker", as well as the names of stations that pastoralist held e.g.  'Kallara' or "Kallara Station", 'Bangate' or "Bangate Station". 
Trove Tuesday is a blogging prompt created by Amy from the Branches Leaves and Pollen blog. 
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