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S is for Smith and Simmes - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 19

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This is my contribution to Week 19 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is S.

S is for...Smith
My 3 x Great Grandparents, Thomas Smith and Mary Anne Davey were married on 5 November 1826 at West Teignmouth, Devon, England. The known children of Thomas and Mary Anne Smith were as follows (though I need to verify some of this information by ordering certificates!):
  • Robert Smith (1827-1827), baptised 24 April 1827, West Teignmouth, Devon. Robert died on 29 April 1827.
  • Mary Anne Davey Smith (1828-?), baptised 31 August 1828, West Teignmouth, Devon. 
  • Thomas Davey Smith (1830-1895), my Great Great Grandfather, baptised 20 June 1830, West Teignmouth, Devon.
  • Elizabeth Davey Smith (1832-?) baptised 11 June 1832, West Teignmouth, Devon.
  • Susan/Susanna Smith (c1834-?) Teignmouth, Devon. 
  • Robert Davey Smith (1836-1903) baptised 10 April 1836, Dartmouth, Devon. Married Ellen Marchant in 1856.  Died in 1903
  • Louisa Davey Smith (1838-1913), born 1838 Dartmouth, Devon. Married Richard Stephen Smith in 1857
  • John William Davey Smith (1840-?) born 1840 Dartmouth, Devon. 
  • George Smith (c1842-?) born about 1842 Dartmouth, Devon. Married Sarah (?). 
  • Albert Davey Smith (1849-?) born 1849 Teignmouth, Devon.
Possible other children are Emma Davey Smith died 1845 and Emma Davey Smith born 1847. I have found these two on indexes but have not yet verified that they belong in my Smith family. 

At the time of the 1841 English Census, Thomas Smith senior was a sawyer and the Smith family  were living at Mill Pond, Townstall, Dartmouth, Devon. In 1851, Thomas was a sawyer and innkeeper living at Globe Lane, West Teignmouth, Devon. In 1861, Thomas was a timber merchant living at 5 Martins Lane, West Teignmouth, Devon. I have not yet obtained the death certificates for Thomas Smith or his wife Mary Anne (nee Davey). Thomas Smith died between 1861 and 1871. Mary Anne Smith died after 1871. 

According to the 1851 census, Thomas Smith was born about 1809 at Bishopsteignton, Devon. I have not yet viewed the Bishopsteignton parish records, but several years ago, the online parish clerks for Bishopsteignton look, the Edwards', found an 1807 baptism for Thomas Smith, the son of John Smith and Mary Croot. They also found the 1785 marriage of John Smith and Mary Croot at Bishopsteignton. Other possible children include: 
I still have a lot of research to complete regarding the Smith and Croot families. Please also see my previous post D is for Davey.

S is for...Simmes (Simms, Syms, Simes)
Simmes is the maiden surname of my 6 x Great Grandmother, Ann Kersey/Casey (c1704-1767). Ann married John Casey at Bicester, Oxfordshire, England, in 1730. It is believed that Ann was the daughter of Thomas Simmes/Syms and Charity Thornton of Bicester. For this information I am very grateful to my cousin, John. Please also see my previous post K is for Kersey.

(Sources available on request)
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