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R is for Randall - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 18

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This is my contribution to Week 18 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is R.

R is for...Randall
Randall is the maiden surname of my Great Great Grandmother, Margaret Chambers (1855-1917). Margaret Randall and her twin sister Annie Randall were born on 12 September 1855 at Hahndorf, South Australia, to Edward and Mary Ann (nee Brown) Randall. The Randall family had set off from Gawler, South Australia and Margaret and Annie were born while travelling via land to the goldfields of Avoca, Victoria. It is believed that Annie died as an infant somewhere along the track before they completed the journey. When the search for gold was unsuccessful, Edward Randall took up farming land on the Avoca River. Margaret Randall married widower George Chambers in Avoca on 1 January 1884. Please see my previous post, C is for Chambers, for more information. 

Today (12 September 2012) marks 157 years since Margaret Randall's birth, and also 94 years since the birth of her granddaughter, my Gran, who passed away last month.  

At the time of the 1841 Census, Margaret's father, Edward Randall, a 40-year-old an agricultural labourer, was living at Butts Green, Sandon, Essex, England, with his daughter (from his first marriage) Mary Ann Randall (aged 5). Widower Edward Randall (1801-1890) married widow Mary Ann Bailey (nee Brown) on 18 May 1846 at Chelmsford, Essex, England. Edward, Mary Ann and six children (including Edward's daughter Mary Ann Randall, several Bailey children, and Edward and Mary Ann's infant daughter Rachel Randall), immigrated to Adelaide, South Australia, on the ship 'Royal Princess' in 1848. 

The children of Edward and Mary Ann Randall were:
  • Rachel Randall (1847-1937), married (1) John Dark, (2) Richard Morcom.
  • Edward Randall (1849-1926), married Ann Elizabeth Harrison.
  • Rebecca Randall (1852-1946), married Matthew Wasley. 
  • Annie Randall (1855-1855)
  • Margaret Randall (1855-1917), married George Chambers
  • Annie Randall (1859-1863)
Edward Randall's daughter from his first marriage, Mary Ann Randall (1836-1905), married Charles Edson. The Bailey children from the first marriage of Mary Ann Randall (nee Brown) were:
  • Mary Ann Bailey (1836-1877), married William Haynes.
  • William Bailey (1837-1895)
  • Joseph Bailey (1840-1914), married Sophia Gooch.
  • John Bailey (c1842-?)
  • George Bailey (c1845-?)
Mary Ann Randall (nee Brown) died at the home of her daughter Rachel Morcom, at Jalluker near Stawell, Victoria on 5 July 1886. Edward Randall senior died on 28 April 1890 at Ballarat, Victoria, while visiting his daughter Rebecca Wasley. 

Edward Randall was born in 1801 and baptised on 21 June 1801 at Margaret Roding, Essex, England, the son of Edward Randall and Elizabeth Judd (see my previous post J is for Judd). The known children of Edward and Elizabeth Randall were:
  • Rebekah Randall, baptised 1794, Good Easter, Essex.
  • John Randall, baptised 1797, Good Easter.
  • Margaret Randall, baptised 1799, Margaret Roding, Essex.
  • Edward Randall, baptised 1801, Margaret Roding.
  • Susanna Randall, baptised 1804, Margaret Roding.
  • Thomas Randall, baptised 1809, Margaret Roding.
For information about my Randall ancestors, I am grateful to a Randall relative, Robert, who published a comprehensive Randall family history in the 1980s (of which my family have a copy). 

(Sources available on request)

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  1. So you're related to Randall's? I take note of that name since I'm descended from the Randell's. I must say the Randall name is prevalent in South Australia, though I wouldn't know if they're all from the same family or not.


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