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Q is for Queensland - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 17

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This is my contribution to Week 17 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is Q.

As far as I know my direct immigrant ancestors all arrived in Australia through Victoria and South Australia, and most spent the majority of their lives in Victoria. However, I know that several of my ancestors had siblings who lived in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland. I have no surnames in my family tree beginning with Q so this week my subject of choice will be another location.

Q is for...Queensland
My Great Great Grandfather Peter Fullerton (1840-1824) had a younger brother, James Fullerton, who spent at least the last 10 years of his life in Queensland. 

The following is from my previous post 'Finding the Fullertons':
James Fullerton (1843-1889) 
James was born 5 November 1843 at Newtown (Fitzroy), and baptised at St Francis’ Melbourne on 4 December 1843. The baptism sponsors were Charles Higgins and Sarah Ryan. James Fullerton spent several years during the 1870s droving cattle. He worked for pastoralist Langloh Parker on his stations ‘Kallara’ and ‘Bangate’ in North Western New South Wales. Later, Parker employed James as the manager of his station ‘Retreat’ on the Barcoo River between Isisford and Jundah in Western Queensland. James married Agnes Ord on 21 October 1882 at Isisford. James and Agnes had one child: De Renzie Percival Fullerton, born at Blackall in 1884. James Fullerton died on 15 June 1889 at Mitchell Vale Station near present day Mount Molloy, Queensland.
I believe, from research via Trove, that James was at Retreat Station from at least 1878. He and his family, along with his brother-in-law David Ord, moved to Mitchell Vale Station in North Queensland in about 1887. 

The second major connection to Queensland in my family tree is Patrick Joyce (c1839-1915), the younger brother of my Great Great Grandfather, Edmund Joyce (c1833-1916).  Patrick spent several years in Victoria after immigrating with his family from Whitegate, County Galway (now County Clare) on the 'Hotspur' in 1855. Patrick later moved to Queensland where he married Adelaide Toovey in 1876 at St Mary's, Maryborough, Queensland.  At that time Patrick was described as 'timber getter' from Gympie. According to a Joyce family history published in the 1970s (of which my family have a copy):
In 1878 Patrick and Adelaide shifted to Reids Creek, where they purchased Lochaber station. They remained at Reids Creek for a number of years, then moved on to Gundiah, where Patrick managed the saw mills for a period of nine years. After severing his connection with Gundiah, he went into the hotel business, which he followed for a number of years in Maryborough, Townsville and Brisbane. Eventually he returned to Reids Creek, where he took up a farm, and remained until his death. Fourteen children were born to Patrick and Adelaide, three of whom died at an early age. Patrick died on 7/6/1915 [7 June 1915], having been in failing health for some time. Adelaide remarried, her second husband being William Trott. 
(Source: Joyce, descendants of Edmund and Catherine Joyce in Australia 1855 to 1975)
For more information about my Joyce ancestors please see my recent posts J is for Joyce and G is for Guinane.

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