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P is for Peacock, Pettit, Pickis, Potter and Preston - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 16

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This is my contribution to Week 16 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is P. 

P is for...Peacock

Peacock is the maiden surname of my 4 x Great Grandmother, Ann Brown (1787-1831). Ann Peacock, the daughter of Peter Peacock and Ann Pettit, married Adam Brown, a carpenter, in 1810 at Chipping Ongar, Essex, England. Other locations in Essex relevant to my Peacock and Brown ancestors are: Abbess RodingFyfield, MoretonSouth Weald and Willingale

For information about my Peacock and Pettit ancestors I am very grateful to other Randall and Brown family researchers, particularly Robert and Kym. 

P is for...Pettit
Pettit is the maiden surname of my 5 x Great Grandmother, Ann Peacock (c1760-1801).  Ann's parents were Francis Pettit, parish clerk of Abbess Roding, and Sarah Bright (see my post B is for Bright). Ann's husband was Peter Peacock (c1760-1825). Their known children included: Ann, Sarah, Peter, William, Elizabeth, Charles, Maria and George. I still have a lot of research to complete regarding my Peacock and Pettit ancestors. 

The entry in the Abbess Roding parish register for the burial in 1801 of my 5 x Great Grandmother, Ann Peacock (nee Pettit), tells a very sad and unusual story: 
Anne Peacock, July 19th. In the Death of this Woman
there was something so peculiarly aweful, & instructing
instructing us all of whatsoever age to remember that
in the Midst of Life we are in Death, that it deserves
somewhat more than the common obituary Register.
Whilst sitting in her Cottage at Fyfield by the side
of a window she was struck dead by Lightning. An
Infant Daughter in her Arms escap'd altogether unin-
jur'd.  A decrepid, paralytick Mother was the unhappy 
Spectator of this melancholy Event; & a poor Boy, who
had taken Shelter from the Violence of the Storm.
She left behind her a Husband, & nine Children to
regret her Loss. In Consequence of this solemn Visita-
tion of Almighty God, & the Circumstances of her
young Family, the Bishop of London sent me
for their Relief 20 £ . To teach us to
number our Days, that we may apply our
Hearts unto Wisdom.
Source: St Edmund Church, Abbess Roding, Essex, England, Parish Records, Burial Register, 1786-1811. Essex Record Office D/P 145/1/4. Digital images available at Essex Ancestors

I am very grateful to Helene, a Peacock family researcher (who contacted me through GenesReunited in 2006) for alerting me to this entry in the Abbess Roding Burial Registers. 
Abbess Roding Church 2
St Edmund's Abbess Roding.
Photo from Flickr by Mark Seton used under
Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
P is for...Pickis
Pickis is the maiden surname of my 3 x Great Grandmother, Catherine Helen Atkinson (1824-1861). For more information about my Pickis ancestors, please see my recent L is for London post. 

P is for...Potter

Potter is the maiden surname of my Great Great Grandmother, Sophia Amelia Smith (1849-1922). Sophia was the daughter of George Augustus Potter and his second wife, Amelia Preston. Sophia was born 5 October 1849 and was baptised on 4 November 1849 in the parish of St George in the East, Middlesex, England. At that time George Potter's occupation was given as 'Marine Store Dealer' and the family were living at 2 Wapping Wall, Shadwell. The Potter family (George senior, Amelia and Sophia along with George junior and Harry, surviving children from George senior's first marriage) were still living at 2 Wapping Wall at the time of the 1851 Census. Another son, James William Potter, was born in 1851 and baptised at St George in the East on 8 June 1851. The family were still living at 2 Wapping Wall and George was still a Marine Store Dealer. 

George Potter, a widower and 'Ship Chandler', married Amelia Preston on Christmas Day 1848 at St James, Bermondsey, Surrey. George's first marriage was to Mary Anne Stone on 21 December 1840 at St Mary, Rotherhithe, Surrey. At that time George was a Policeman and his address was 'Paradise Street'.  The children from that marriage were as follows:

  • Harry Potter (1841-1914). Harry was born 6 November 1841 and baptised 5 December 1841 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey. At that time the Potter's were living at 'Cottage Row' and George was a Police Constable. 
  • George Potter (1843-1861). George junior was born 10 April 1843 and baptised 30 April 1843 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey. At that time the family were still living at 'Cottage Row' and George was described as a Policeman. 
  • Mary Ann Potter (1844-1844). Mary Ann was born 15 September 1844 and baptised 16 November 1844 at  Christ Church, Rotherhithe, Surrey. At that time the Potter's abode was described as being in 'Love Lane'. Mary Ann died aged two months and was buried on 20 November 1844 at Christ Church
  • Sophia Potter (1846-1846). Sophia was born 21 June 1846 and baptised 13 July 1846 at Christ Church, Rotherhithe, Surrey. At that time the Potter's home was still in 'Love Lane' and George was still described as a Policeman. Sophia died aged 3 weeks and was buried on 19 July 1846 at Christ Church
Amelia (name given on the passenger list as Mary Ann), George junior, Harry, Sophia and James emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1855 on the 'Statesman'. It is believed George senior had emigrated some time earlier. The Potter family settled at Heathcote where George senior was involved in gold mining and had the 'Gold Miners Arms' hotel at Caledonia Gully. Amelia died at Heathcote in 1864. George Potter senior returned in England in 1881 where he married Amelia's sister, Sophia Preston. With Sophia, he returned to Victoria. George later held the National Hotel in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, and the Victoria Hotel in Victoria Street, Footscray. George died there on 6 September 1891 (please see my post Sunday's Obituary - George Augustus Potter). 

George Augustus Potter was born in 1816 and baptised in the parish of St Giles, Oxford, Oxfordshire, the son of James Potter and Mary Hutton (see my post H is for Hutton). 

For information about my Potter ancestors I am very grateful to my third cousin, John. 

Sources: (London Parish Registers and 1851 UK Census), Victoria Births, Deaths and Marriages Indexes and several certificates.

P is for...Preston

Preston is the maiden surname of my 3 x Great Grandmother, Amelia Potter (1827-1864). Amelia was baptised in St Clement's Parish, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England in 1827, the daughter of Charles Preston, an upholsterer, and Elizabeth Heading (see my post H is for Heading). Charles Preston (1799-1832) was baptised in 1799 in the parish of St Thomas, Oxford, the son of James Preston (1762-1827, a college servant) and Ann Kersey (1762-1824) (see my post K is for Kersey). James Preston was baptised in the parish of St Martin, Oxford, in 1762, the son of Joseph Preston, a cooper, and Mary Best (see my post B is for Best). 
For information about my Preston ancestors I am very grateful to my third cousin, John. 

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  1. Hi Aillin
    I got rather excited this morning reading your blog because I have a distant connection to the Pettits and Browns. As soon as I saw Pettit from Abbess Roding I logged into my website to check if I was remembering correctly that the Pettits were from Abbess Roding. Which of the Browns are you descended from? As I said my connection is distant but I do have information about Charles Brown & Mary Ann High and their descendants. I'm more than happy to share info and help with photos etc here in Adelaide.

    1. Hi Kylie,
      This is great, thanks so much for the offer of further information and photos from Adelaide. I know I have so many family history connections over there but haven't looked into them in detail yet. I have been in contact with a descendant of Charles via the web though. Charles' sister Mary Anne Brown is my 3 x Great Grandmother(see my B is for Brown post for a photograph of Mary).
      My Great Grandmother Millie's postcard collection includes a postcard (see it here)sent from Charles' daughter Elizabeth in SA. I know a Chambers cousin has a photograph album with lots of SA photographs in it. Some day (soon!) my Mum and I will have to visit and scan the photographs. Thanks again, Aillin

  2. What a fabulous collection of P surnames! I think every Potter family should have a 'Harry'.

    1. :) Yes, a famous name there! And I recently added a James Bond to my tree too!

  3. The parish register entry for the burial of Ann Peacock (nee Pettit)is amazingly sad. But you do have to be thankful for the extended entry, as poopsed to just a death date and place.


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