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K is for Kersey and Kenealy - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 11

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This is my contribution to Week 11 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is K.

K is for...Kersey (Casey)
Kersey is the maiden surname of my 5 x Great Grandmother, Ann Preston (nee Kersey) (1762-1824). 
Ann was baptised at Bucknell, Oxfordshire, England in 1762, the daughter of John and Mary (nee Andrews) Kersey (see my previous post A is for...Andrews). John Kersey/Casey (1731-1814) was baptised at Bicester, Oxfordshire, in 1731, the son of John and Ann (nee Simmes) Casey. I am very grateful to my cousin, John, and another Kersey researcher, Hugh, for this information.

K is for...Kenealy 
Kenealy is the maiden surname of my 3 x Great Grandmother, Margaret Colbert (nee Kenealy). Margaret married William Colbert and lived at Ballynamona in the Catholic parish of Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland. William and Margaret had the following known children, baptised in the Cloyne parish: William (1841), Bridget (1844) and Edmond (1850). The baptism sponsors for William in 1841 were Thomas Kenealy and Abbey Kenealy.  One of the baptism sponsors for Bridget in 1844 was Ellen Kenealy, the other was Michael Cashman. Edmond's baptism sponsors were James Mulloney and Ellen Hartnett. Please also see my previous post C is for...Colbert for more information about the Colbert family.

(Sources available on request)
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  1. I'm am always fascainated (or should I saw in awe) by the amount of detail that you have in your posts. Well done.

  2. I cannot think of any last names that start with a K in my family tree.

    1. I will have that trouble next week Kristin, I don't have any surnames in my family starting with L.


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