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H is for Heading, Hehir, Hutton, Hogan and Hayes - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 8

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This is my contribution to Week 8 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is H.

H is for...Heading (Hedding, Hidden)
Heading is maiden surname of my 4 x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Preston (nee Heading) (1801-1836). Elizabeth married Charles Preston (1799-1832), an upholsterer, in the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England on 12 February 1821. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Heading (1760-1836) and Mary (nee Newman, late Taylor) Heading (1756-1832) of Wantage, Berkshire, England. Elizabeth Heading was baptised at Wantage in 1801. William and Mary Heading also had two other daughters, Mary Heading and Amelia Heading. William Heading (1760-1836) was the son of John and Amelia (nee Matthews) Heading and was baptised as William Hedding at Sparsholt, Berkshire in 1760For information and research regarding the Heading family I am very grateful to my cousin, John. Thanks John for all your help. 

The Headings of Wantage descend from the Hidden family of Hungerford, Berkshire. Nick Hidden and Norman Hidden conducted very thorough research regarding the Hidden family in their Hidden One Name Study. Of their publications regarding the Hidden family, I have purchased copies of The Hiddens of Hungerford Volume 1 and Volume 2 and the section of Volume 3 related to the Wantage Headings. If you are a man with the surname Heading and descended from the Headings of Wantage or another branch of the Hidden family, you may be interested in taking part in the Hidden DNA project which is a surname DNA project for men with the surname Hidden or variations (Headen, Heading, Hedden, Hiddon etc.). The Hidden Archive on the Hidden One Name Study web site includes Births, Deaths and Marriages and many Will abstracts.

H is for...Hehir
Hehir is the maiden surname of my Great Great Grandmother, Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) (1833-1921). Susan's parents were Timothy (Thaddeus) Hehir and Ann (nee McMahon) Hehir, of Killow, Clareabbey, County Clare, Ireland. I have written about Susan and her family previously on this blog in the following posts:

H if for...Hutton
Hutton is the maiden surname of my 4 x Great Grandmother, Mary Potter (nee Hutton) (1790-1826). Mary married James Potter in the parish of St Peter in the East, Oxford, in 1811. Mary was the daughter of Edward (c1761-1840) and Mary (c1751-1833) Hutton, and was baptised in the parish of St Peter in the East, Oxford, in 1790. Mary's brother, John Hutton (1792-1880), married the sister of my 4 x Great Grandfather (Charles Preston), Sophia Preston (1796-1873).  Again, I am very grateful to my cousin John for help researching these Oxfordshire families (Potter, Hutton, Preston, Heading). 

H is for...Hogan
Hogan is the maiden surname of my 4 x Great Grandmother, Mary Guinane (nee Hogan). I know very little about Mary except that she and her husband, William, were the parents of my 3 x Great Grandmother Catherine Joyce (nee Guinane) (c1810-1903) and they probably came from Whitegate, County Galway, Ireland (which is now part of County Clare). For more information about Catherine Joyce (nee Guinane) and her family, please see my post G is for...Guinane.

H is for...Hayes
Hayes is the maiden surname of my 3 x Great Grandmother, Ellen Carew (nee Hayes). I know very little about Ellen except that she was married to John Carew, a farmer, and it is believed that they came from Cappaghwhite, County Tipperary, Ireland. Ellen and John are the parents of my Great Great Grandmother, Eliza O'Brien (nee Carew) (c1846-1924). For more information please see my post C is for...Carew.

(Sources available on request)

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  1. Aillin, you're posts are so detailed, I read through your names each post and I'm expecting to find a connection somewhere. Alas not with you H names I'm sorry :)

  2. Aillin, your post lead me on a delightful tour of your blog site and more. I was very interested in the DNA testing. I think I will have to look into it further. We have a couple of illegitimate children in our family and speculation of indigenous heritage on one branch. DNA testing may confirm it?


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