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D is for Davey, Dunne and Duggan - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 4

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This is my contribution to Week 4 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is D.

D is for...Davey
Davey (Davy/Davie) is the maiden surname of my 3 x Great Grandmother, Mary Ann Smith (nee Davey). Mary Ann Davey married Thomas Smith, a sawyer (and later an innkeeper) on 5 November 1826 at Teignmouth, Devon, England. Mary Ann's place of birth is different in different censuses. In the 1851 Census, Mary Ann's place of birth was given as 'Bow near Exeter'. The 1861 Census gave Mary Ann's birthplace as Teignmouth, while the 1871 Census gave Mary Ann's birthplace as Bridport, Dorset

I found a copy of the PCC Will of Robert Davey, a timber merchant of Teignmouth, Devon, Mary Ann's father, through the National Archives DocumentsOnline

I have a lot to verify in my research regarding the Davey family. I believe Robert Davey (c1776-1850) may have first married Ann Partridge on 6 January 1799 at Nymet Tracey, Devon. Robert and Ann had at least one child baptised at Nymet Tracey, Tryphena Davie (baptised 12 May 1799, later married William Cann). A John Davie son of Robert and Ann Davie was baptised on 4 Aug 1799. There were several Robert Davie/Davey/Davy who lived in that area at the time and working out which is which is very difficult. I know that Robert father of Tryphena was definitely the correct Robert, whether he was the same Robert who married Ann Partridge I am not yet sure. As I said, I have a lot more work to do on this branch of my family tree.

I believe Robert Davey then married Elizabeth Dell in 1805 at Nymet Tracey, Devon. They may have had a son John Davey, baptised in 1806 at Nymet Tracey. I believe Robert's daughters Mary Ann and Susannah were also children of Elizabeth (nee Dell). Mary Ann may be the Mary Ann Davey who was baptised at Poole, Dorset on 15 April 1807. Susannah may be the Susan Davie who was baptised on 4 December 1811 at Bridport, Dorset. It is possible that Elizabeth (nee Dell) was the Elizabeth Davey who was buried at Bridport, Dorset on 12 July 1812.

Robert's third marriage was in 1815 to Susannah Prowse (nee Fouracres) at Saint Mary Steps, Exeter, Devon.

D is for...Dunne
Dunne is the maiden surname of my 3 x Great Grandmother, Mary Fullerton (nee Dunne).
I have previously written about the Mary in my post Finding the Fullertons.
I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has Dunn/Dunne families in their family tree from the area around Clane, Prosperous and Naas, County Kildare, Ireland. Please contact me if you have. 

D is for...Duggan
Duggan is the maiden surname of my 4 x Great Grandmother, Mary McCarthy (nee Duggan). Mary married James McCarthy. Their son John McCarthy (my 3 x Great Grandfather) was baptised at Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland on 31 December 1806. One of the baptism sponsors was Denis Duggan. Another child, Margaret McCarthy, was baptised at Killarney on 4 November 1816. The transcripts of these records on IrishGenealogy.ie state that the family were from Mynish (Minish), County Kerry.
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  1. Wow, that's a D for DETAILED post. The D's have been keeping you busy

  2. Interesting post - especially the DAVEY section. My Davey ancestors are from West Coker, Somerset I have recently discovered. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My family, also, has a connection to a Davey family of West Coker, Somerset - I have driven past the little cottage where they used to live! It's still standing - & is beautiful - as is the village of West Coker!

    2. Hi Anonymous,

      Do you know where your Davey family moved to after? Mine went to Jersey , C.I.

  3. It's funny how some letters seem to have a particular affinity with one's family history. D is obviously one of yours. The will was so interesting, especially that he left the share of the estate to his daughters free of control by their husbands.

  4. hehe - I had the exact same thought as Jill - it is so detailed - nice work (on the research and the post).
    And I've just forwarded your post on to an auntie-in-law who is also researching the Davey family, just in case there is a connection.

  5. My Mary McCarthy m James McCarthy came from Ireland and settled in Geelong have you any more information please.


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