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C is for Chambers, Carew, Colbert, Crisp, Coghlan and Cronin- Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 3

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This is my contribution to Week 3 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is C.

C is for...Chambers
Chambers is the maiden surname of my Great Grandmother, Millicent Mary (Millie) McCarthy (nee Chambers) (1884-1967). Millie was born on 4 October 1884 at Avoca, Victoria, the eldest daughter of George Chambers and his second wife, Margaret Randall. George and Margaret had four other children: Matthew Harold Chambers (1886-1949), Hubert Randall Chambers (1888-1977) (see my Anzac Day post), Elsie Bertha May Chambers (later Bailey, 1893-1982), and Kathleen Pearl Chambers (later Clifford, 1898-1987). 

George Chambers and Margaret Randall were married on 1 January 1884 at Avoca, Victoria. George, a widower, had previously married Ann Donohue in 1861 at Maryborough, Victoria. George and Ann had seven children: George (see information about his son Harold Heathcote Hayes Chambers in my 2011 Anzac Day post), Thomas, John (see information about his son Stanley Chambers in my 2011 Anzac Day post), Annie, William, Bertha Jane and Clara Constance. Ann Chambers (nee Donohue) died on 12 November 1880 at Avoca, Victoria. 

George Chambers was born on 4 December 1831 and was baptised on 5 January 1834 at Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire, England, the son of Thomas and Maria (nee Marrows) Chambers, one of at least nine children. George immigrated to Melbourne on the ship 'Hebrides' in 1852. George died in August 1919 at Avoca.  

C is for...Carew
Carew is the maiden surname of my Great Great Grandmother, Eliza O'Brien (nee Carew). Eliza married Michael O'Brien on 29 January 1865 at St Francis' Catholic Church, Melbourne, Victoria. According to their marriage certificate Eliza was aged 21 and a half and was born in County Tipperary, Ireland to parents John Carew, a farmer, and Ellen Hayes. It is believed, but not yet verified, that Eliza came from Cappaghwhite, County Tipperary. It is also believed that other Carew relatives immigrated to Australia. 
I still have a lot of research to complete regarding the Carew family. 
Michael and Eliza O'Brien had a least 8 children: Helena, Owen, Thomas, Mary, Michael, John, Elizabeth and Donald. Eliza died on 10 November 1924 at
Rochester, Victoria

C is for...Colbert
Colbert is the maiden surname of my Great Great Grandmother, Bridget Gilmore (nee Colbert) (1844-1913). 
Bridget Colbert was baptised 5 November 1844 in the Catholic parish of Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland, the daughter of William Colbert and Margaret/Mary Keneally of Ballynamona. Bridget immigrated to Melbourne in 1868 on the ship 'Vimiera', with her brother Edmond Colbert (1850-1902). Bridget had at least one other brother, William, who was baptised at Cloyne in 1841. It is believed that William may have also immigrated to Australia. 

Bridget married William Kenneth Gilmore on 20 January 1871 at Heathcote, Victoria. Bridget and William, who lived close to Tooborac, Victoria, and had at least eight children: William (1871-1871), Margaret Anna (later Ellis, 1872-1957,my Great Grandmother), Bridget (later Stanlake, 1874-1958), Mary Jane (later Ellis, 1876-1962), William Charles (1878-1969), Lucinda (later Challenger, 1880-1944), Martha Ellen (later Taafe, 1882-1974) and James Edmond (1887-1949). 

Edmond Colbert (1850-1902), married Catherine McRae in 1874. Edmond and Catherine had at least twelve children and lived for many years at Merrigum, Victoria near Kyabram. In his earlier years in Victoria, Edmond worked as a surveyors assistant. Later Edmond managed the Merrigum Butter Factory

Bridget Colbert's father, William, was the son of Patrick Colbert and Bridget Ahern, whom I mentioned in my previous post A is for Atkinson, Ahern and Andrews. Bridget's uncle, Edmond Colbert (1814-1885) worked as a surveyor in Victoria. He married Susan Berry on 6 August 1855 at St James' Church of England, Melbourne. Edmond died at Richmond, Victoria, on 29 December 1885. 

My Colberts are among a number of Colbert's from County Cork mentioned on Linley Hooper's website: Patrick Colbert (my 4 x Great Grandfather), William Colbert (my 3 x Great Grandfather), Bridget Colbert (my Great Great Grandmother), also Edmond Colbert (1850-1902) and Edmond Colbert (1814-1885).

C is for...Crisp
Crisp is the maiden surname of my 4 x Great Grandmother, Eleanor (Ellen) Atkinson (nee Crisp). I mentioned Eleanor in my previous post A is for Atkinson, Ahern and Andrews. I still have a lot of research to complete regarding Eleanor's family. 

C is for...Coghlan
Coghlan is the maiden surname of my 3 x Great Grandmother Margaret Mulhall (nee Coghlan). Margaret was married to Matthew Mulhall and they were the parents of my Great Great Grandmother Mary Joyce (nee Mulhall, 1844-1923). Mary Mulhall was baptised in 1844 in the Catholic parish of Tubberclaire, County Westmeath, Ireland. The baptism sponsors were Julia Coghlan and John Coghlan.

C is for...Cronin
Cronin is the maiden surname of my 4 x Great Grandmother, Julia Tangney (nee Cronin). Julia was married to Patrick Tangney and their daughter Honora was my 3 x Great Grandmother. Honora married John McCarthy in Firies Catholic Parish, County Kerry, Ireland on 26 February 1832. You can see the transcript of their marriage record here at
(Sources available on request)
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    1. Thanks Crissouli. I'm finding the Family History Alphabet challenge a great motivation to write (at least a summary) about ancestors I haven't written about before.


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