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Social Media - 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 20

Week 20: Social Media: Which social media tool do you appreciate the most? Has it increased your circle of friends? How has it benefitted your family tree?

Which social media tool do you appreciate the most?
This is a difficult choice as I use several different forms of social media during a typical week: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Diigo, LibraryThing. However, given that technically Blogger is a social media tool, I will have to say that Blogger is the social media tool that I appreciate the most.

I can create web pages with HTML (haven't done it for a while though!) and I am tempted to investigate the use of WordPress in the future, but Blogger has made publishing on the web so simple and easy. My first attempt at blogging with Blogger was back in November 2009 over at the Australian Genealogy News blog. I started this blog (Australian Genealogy Journeys) in April 2010.

Has it increased your circle of friends?
I would say yes, the genealogy blogging community have been very welcoming and encouraging. I would recommend that, if you are a genealogist and you are considering starting a blog, you should! I know the biggest stumbling block for me was choosing a name for the blog. I have often wished I had been a little more creative with my blog name, but once you have the blog name it stays!

How has it benefitted your family tree?
Blogger has given me a convenient place to share my "ideas, news, discoveries, successes and failures" along my genealogy journey. It has allowed me a place to share my hobby, my interests and my research with other like-minded people.

Personally I also find my Blogger blog is a good motivational tool. When I first started this blog, I found that my genealogy information was fairly disorganised and my Blogger blog gave me a outlet to help overcome my 'information overload' and track my organisational goals.

So far I have not been contacted through this blog by any relatives (I have made contact with most of them through Ancestry Member Connect and Message Boards). However, I have been able to help some other people with their family history queries after they contacted me through this blog.

I also recommend all the above mentioned social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Diigo, LibraryThing, Ancestry) for genealogy, but Blogger has to be the one I appreciate the most.

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  1. Interesting thoughts Aillin. I have to say I would put my blog at the top of the list too. I loathe FB, use Twitter intermittently (too many other demands); like Google+ but have been off air for a while; Pinterest is for fun, and thanks to you I now use Diigo.

    1. Thanks Pauleen. FB can be quite annoying the way it changes all the time. I have used it for a group for a family reunion though (but then FB went and changed the arrangement of groups to confuse the issue!)
      I've decided I may give Pinterest more of a try. I was worried about the issues of copyright, but I've just about decided to only pin content with a 'pin this' badge (e.g. books and CDs on or content that is in the public domain.


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