Friday, May 4, 2012

Follow Friday - Genies Down Under Podcast

A screenshot from the Genies Down Under Podcast website
This Follow Friday I would like to recommend the monthly Australian genealogy podcast - Genies Down Under. This podcast is created by Maria Northcote of the Wishful Linking Family History Blog and the Genies Down Under Blog.
You can listen to the podcast online at the Genies Down Under web site, or you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or another preferred program. See the Genies Down Under web site for further information. You can also follow Genies Down Under on Twitter @GeniesDownUnder

In the most recent podcast Episode 8 (May 2012) the theme is Blogging stuff for genies: Getting online with your ancestors. You can access the Shownotes, which include links, at the Genies Down Under web site. In this episode Maria gives some great tips on genealogy blogging. I was honoured and surprised to hear my blog mentioned as an example among many other genealogy blogs I follow. Thank you very much Maria. 

Just as a note, yes, the people on my blog banner are ancestors. For anyone who is interested please see my post Who are the people on my blog banner? 

Don't forget to have a look at the Genies Down Under podcast web site and Maria's blogs Wishful Linking Family History Blog and Genies Down Under Blog. Thanks again Maria. 
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  1. Sounds very interesting. I enjoy listening to podcasts and will subscribe to this one. Great to have an Aussie version available.

  2. Thanks Aillin, for the blogpost. - Maria (Genies Down Under)


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