Saturday, April 21, 2012

Second Blogiversary - Observations and Reflections

On Wedneday 21 April 2010, I created by first post on this blog. Last year on my first blogiversary, I wrote a post with my observations and reflections from my first year of blogging. This year I have decided to do something similar. 

What have I achieved on this blog in the past year? 
  • My Looking Back at 2011 post in December gave a summary of my blogging during 2011. I have had a few breaks from blogging over the past year due to other commitments outside of genealogy and blogging. I would like to have posted more on this blog, but I am happy with what I was able to achieve. So far during the first months of 2012 my blog has been a little quiet but I have posted a few Motivation Monday and Tech Tuesday posts.
What have I liked about my second year of blogging?
What have I disliked about my second year of blogging?
  • I have read a few articles recently about blogging including Michael Hyatt's blog post Do You Make These Ten Mistakes When You Blog? I think I am guilty of a few of those mistakes, particularly #1 You Don't Post Enough and #5 You Don't Participate in the Conversation. 
  • Regarding mistake #1, over the past year I have had some good reasons for being away from blogging so I won't be too hard on myself. I am, however, going to repeat what I said on my first blogiversary as I believe it still applies:
    I dislike the fact that I have not posted on my blog as much as I would like, particularly the fact that I haven't posted much about the stories of my ancestors. I would like to post a lot more and share a lot more of the interesting stories from my family history. I think my main hurdle has been the fact I have felt so disorganised.

    I am slowly trying to overcome this disorganisation and I am finding my monthly Motivation Monday posts a great incentive to keep going and to keep clipping away at the more mundane tasks. 
  • With regards to mistake #5, I have sometimes not replied to comments on my blog in a timely manner and I apologise for this. I hope to do better in my third year of blogging.
What do I hope to do differently during my third year of blogging?
  • I hope to reply to comments on my blog in a much more timely manner and also to comment more often on other blogs.
  • I hope to continue with my monthly Motivation Monday posts so I can slowly but surely progress through my Goals for 2012
  • I hope to blog a few times about my new journey into the world of genetic genealogy.
  • I hope to continue with my Tech Tuesday posts as these motivate me to learn about the many uses for the tech gadgets I have. I hope my posts they might be useful to others as well. 
  • When I eventually feel a little less overwhelmed by all the computer files I have to sort and the various documents I need to scan and photograph, I will finally start to put some of my collected data together into interesting stories to share with other relatives and genealogists via this blog (and also via the family history book I am supposed to write - I'm sure many Fullerton relatives are wondering what happened to that promised book! It's still on its way, I promise)
I'm looking forward to another year of blogging. Thank you very much to everyone who regularly follows my blog and to the people who stumble across it via a keyword searches.
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  1. Happy Blogiverary Aillin! I think the important thing is to remember this is supposed to be fun, and also there's a real world out there that we have links and commitments to, so don't be too hard on yourself. I enjoy what you post and wish you well for the year ahead. If we were all analytical about our performance we'd not doubt find gaps, but if it makes you feel happy then it's worthwhile. Hope Year 3 treats you well.

    1. Thanks Pauleen, I will keep remembering to keep it fun. I think over analysing may be a bit of a habit I have, I'll have to put it to better use for more genealogy discoveries :-)

    2. Happy Blogiversary Aillin, Looking forward to another year!

  2. I should also add, I'm sorry I haven't commented much more frequently. That's my biggest blogging mistake! I am reading, though.

    1. Thanks Shelley, I hope to comment more often on other blogs too.

  3. Congratulations on all you have achieved so far, Aillin.

    Don't be too hard on yourself - blog when you can - you have a dedicated group of readers, like me, who are always delighted to read your posts.

    We mustn't let our blogging rule us.

    I'll be on the lookout for your posts in the future.

    1. Thanks Jill, I wont let my blogging rule me, just a little disappointed with myself for not meeting some of the goals I set, particularly related to writing about family stories and genealogy discoveries. I just need to discipline myself and arrange my genealogy time a little better. One step at a time :) Thanks again.


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