Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tech Tuesday - Further Exploration of the Galaxy Nexus - Apps - Galaxy Nexus Series - Part 2

Last week I posted Tech Tuesday - Getting to know the Galaxy Nexus in which I gave some of my initial impressions of my new (and first) mobile phone, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. At the end of that post I wrote that I hoped to write a future post about some of the different apps I have been trying. Interestingly, in this past week the Android Market relaunched itself as Google Play. To celebrate the launch, Google Play has made various apps available on sale for 25 cents and 49 cents. I have purchased a couple of on-sale apps in the last few days including: Camera Zoom FX, Paper Camera, TuneIn Radio Pro and Smart Tools.

Other apps I am trying including the following:


FamilySearch Indexing Beta

BillionGraves Camera App
Family Bee (free trial)

Communications / Social Media 
Google Reader

Notes / Documents / Bookmarks
Google Docs
Evernote and Skitch
OneNote Mobile
Power Note by Diigo

ES File Explorer

Google Search
Google Googles
Gesture Search

Photography / Scanning / Creative
Camera Zoom FX
Paper Camera
SketchBook Mobile Express

Web Browsers
The default browser which came installed.
Chrome Beta
Opera Mini
Dolphin Browser Mini

Maps / GPS
Google maps
Google Earth
My Tracks
Street View on Google Maps
GPS Test

Amazon Mobile
Out of Milk Shopping List

Google Translate
Dictionary.com (I removed this app due to privacy concerns about the 'nearby' feature, there appeared to be no way to opt out of it)

Books / E-Reading
Google Play Books
Adobe Reader
LibraryThing Scanner

Scanner for Zotero
Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr Seuss (because I love that book!)

Australian Government Apps
FireReady (Victorian CFA)
Fires Near Me NSW
State Library of New South Wales

Educational / Games
Spell Me Right: Word Scramble
Words, Words, Words
Spelling Bee
Chess Free
MapMaster - Geography game


TuneIn Radio Pro
IMDb Movies & TV

Transport Info (NSW)
Metlink Beta (Vic)

StopWatch & Timer
Tiny Flashlight + LED
Smart Tools

Christian / Catholic
Divine Mercy
YouVersion - The Bible App

Obviously not all of these apps have a relevance to genealogy research. For the apps that are relevant to genealogy research, I will choose one app (or a group of related apps) each week to review on this blog. 
To do proper justice to the Galaxy Nexus and to each of these apps I will make sure I am in an area with a strong mobile data connection, or I am connected to a Wi-Fi network, when I try each of the apps. Each review will give my general opinions of the app, potential uses for the app in my genealogy research and links to other blogs and web site with further information about each app. I hope by committing to write these reviews I will learn more about the capabilities of each app and unlock the full potential of the Galaxy Nexus as a tool to assist me on my genealogy journeys.  

I also hope to review some of the features particular to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (such as the camera, the photo gallery, calendar, settings and general user interface etc.) in upcoming posts. After that, I think I will then finish my series of Galaxy Nexus posts with a post describing some of the apps I would like to use if they exist sometime in the future.

Do you know of any other great android apps I could try? Please let me know about them. Thanks. 

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  1. Aillin, as a good Catholic you'll understand why I say "get thee behind me Satan"....nothing personal, please believe me...can I possibly get detoured by even more techno lust? Far too many interesting things here ;-)

    1. Sorry Pauleen, I understand well, there are so many new technology temptations appearing all the time!! I went into a electronics shop the other day and found myself looking at Kindle readers and iPads and having to remind myself "no I don't need them". I'll try not to make the app reviews sound too interesting ;-)

  2. What gene app I like is My Heritage Family Tree. It has a tree and is free in the basic version. You can upload a gedcom. This program is world wide and I even found a unknown cousin who lives in Germany.

    The mobile app is great for me, I no longer have to carry around notes, it is all on the app. Another one I like is Dropbox, I have my files with me.

    I am going to be spending all day, LOL, checking out the apps that you use.

    1. Thanks Claudia, I will try out the MyHeritage app. Hope you have fun looking at all these apps :-)

  3. Welcome to the world of Android genealogy, Aillin.
    One of my biggest time wasters is the Wordz game.

    Also I'll share a link to this post on the Android Genealogy blog.

    Keen to read further posts from you.


Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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