Monday, February 6, 2012

Motivation Monday - Goals for February 2012

As this is the first Monday in February, it is time to revisit my Motivation Monday goals for January and to create some new goals for February. I will be carrying over many of my January goals into months later on this year as I wont be focussing on my genealogy during February.

My January 2012 were :

  1. Continue saving snapshots (using the Evernote Web Clipper for Google Chrome) of messages I have sent and received through I will attempt to complete the remaining folders 'Fullerton/Dunne', 'Potter/Preston', 'Ellis/Hehir', 'Randall/Brown', 'OTHER' and also messages in the 'Sent' folder to which I did not receive a reply. All achieved except for 'Sent' folder, so that task will be carried over into February.
  2. Participate each week in the  52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy Blogging prompts. I will also consider participating in the 21st Century Organized Family Historian weekly challenges from Michelle at The Turning of Generations and the Beyond the Internet blogging theme from Family History Across the Seas. I participated a couple of times with these blogging prompts but due to family circumstances I had to put blogging aside.
  3. Participate in the Twigs of Yore - Australia Day 2012 - Wealth for Toil blogging challenge on Australia day - January 26th. Did not get to do this.
  4. Move a few more genealogy files from my 'To Sort' folder into relevant surname folders on my hard drive. Did not get to do this
  5. Move a few more photographs from my 'To Sort' folder into folders for the relevant year and month. Did not get to do this
  6. Blog about the decisions I made when I created my research log templates. Did not get to do this
  7. Actually start my new Legacy file beginning with myself and working backwards methodically, recording all sources, attaching relevant source documents and attaching photographs. During January, I aim to do this for just my immediate family and grandparents. The goal this month is just to start, no matter how small! Did not get to do this.
  8. Continue organising my bookshelves on Google Books. At the time of posting, I have 399 books saved in the 'Favorites' bookshelf. During January I will aim to reduce that number to at least 300. Achieved this, I will hold continuing this goal for another month later in the year.
  9. Synchronise my genealogy folders at least once a week. Did twice in the month. I did not really add much to my genealogy folder so I had no need to synchronise the folders more often.
  10. Begin reading Photoshop Elements 10 All-in-One For Dummies. Yes, up to page 146.
  11. Sort and reply to the starred emails in Gmail that I keep neglecting!
  12. Look into the possibility of using DNA in my O'Brien/Breen research. I just recently purchased a 37 marker Y-DNA test for my Dad, so this goal is already in progress. I purchased the the test and received it in the mail.
  13. Correct newspaper text on TroveDid not get to do this.
  14. Post some more Church photographs to my Australian Church photos on Flickr. Did not get to do this.
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