Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals for 2012

1. Organsation
See the following blog posts for more about my ongoing organisation goals.

Organisation goals achieved in 2011
Organisation goals in progress and ongoing
  • Organise a new family history folder arrangement on my computer hard drive. In November 2010 I posted Hard drive organisation for Genealogists and Family Historians in which I mentioned and linked to articles/blogs regarding methods others were using to organise their genealogy research on their computer hard drive. I have mostly finished this organisation task, but still have a few files in a 'to sort' folder. 
  • Organise, tag and label the photographs on my computer (digital photos as well as scanned photos and documents). I am progressing with this goal. I recently used free software Duplicate Cleaner and Auslogics Duplicate File Finder to locate and remove exact duplicate files in the photograph folders on my computer. Once I have all photographs arranged in folders as I want, I hope to beginning adding tag keywords to the files metadata with relevant names, places, events etc.
  • Set up template spreadsheets to record all research and correspondence. I wrote a short blog post about research logs in January 2011 (Beginners: Research Logs in Family History) and I have since set up templates, but I have not yet begun to implement them.  
  • Start my new Legacy file beginning with myself and working backwards methodically, recording all sources, attaching relevant source documents and attaching photographs. I haven't started my new Legacy file yet, but I hope to do so very soon.
  • Organise my Bookshelves on Google Books. Before Google Books created 'bookshelves' I used keywords/tags to categorise books which mentioned surnames and locations in which I was interested. Then one say Google changed to all of my tags were changed to bookshelves, which in my opinion were a lot less user friendly. I have started to go through each book and bookmark each on Diigo with tags/keywords instead of adding each book to numerous Google Book bookselves. 
  • Create a computer back-up routine. I have started to do this. I have been using GoodSync to synchronise my genealogy folder on my laptop computer and my external hard drive.
Organisation goals 'to do'
  • Create research goals and detailed plans.
  • Begin using Google Calendar to schedule specific times and dates for tasks related to these 2012 goals.
  • Sort out all the items I have saved in my Ancestry Shoebox and all the 'maybe' information I have saved in several 'working' Ancestry Family Trees.
  • Photograph/scan all the family history material I have storied in hardcopy in folders.   
  • Work out what to do with my collection of genealogy magazines, books and CDs.  
  • Sort out the 'family history box' - the general place I put family history related clippings from newspapers etc.   
2. Education
  • Reacquaint myself with the features of the various genealogy software products I have on my computer (Legacy 7.5, RootsMagic 4, Family Tree Maker 2012, Family Historian and Personal Historian 2
  • Learn to use all the features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. 
  • Continue learning more about professional Genealogy and Family History through blogs, web sites, books and journals. 
  • Improve my time-management skills. 
3. Correspondence
  • Try to reply to emails and message board posts in a more timely manner.
4. Writing
5. Research
  • Look into the possibility of using DNA in my O'Brien/Breen research.
  • Continue researching the various Hehir families who came to Australia and are likely related to my ancestor Susan Hehir. 
  • I want to do more research in libraries, archives and cemeteries this year - I miss that as I have not been able to do much of it within the last few years. 
  • Newspaper research on Trove and at the library. 
6. Giving Back

And because I don't have enough genealogy goals already...
I hope to add many more Church photographs to my Australian Church photos on Flickr.

During 2011 I participated in a few genealogy blogging memes (Meme: The Tech-Savvy GenealogistBeyond the Internet GeneamemeThe Ancestors' Geneameme99 Things Genealogy Meme - Australian). These have helped me identify a few others things I would like to achieve. The following are some I believe I could try to achieve during 2012. 
  • Buy an Android Smartphone and use it for genealogy research. I'm looking forward to following Jill Ball's new blog Android Genealogy
  • Contribute to a genealogy blog carnival. 
  • Visit all my great grandparents and great great grandparents grave sites.
  • Look up local government rate books and valuation records for my ancestors.
  • Look up land records for my ancestors (I have done this before but not for all ancestors)
  • Consistently cite my sources.
  • Reunite someone with precious family photographs or artifacts.
  • Locate any document within my research files within a few minutes.

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  1. Holy cow, Aillin! You've got your hands full! Good luck with them. Great ideas all that I might want to do as well. I never even thought of organizing my social media! Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals!

  2. You do have a lot planned. All excellent goals. Good luck with them and please rememebr to have fun in there as well!

    Someone's Ancestor Sunday sounds interesting and is a great idea.

  3. Wow Aillin! All the best with your goals, I'm sure you'll get most of them done as you did last year.

  4. What an enormous list. I am sure that you will make a good fist of knocking it over. I'll enjoy learning from you.

  5. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments :)

    @Cheryl organised social media has been a great way to help keep focussed. I recommend it :)

    @Helen I remember to have some fun in there as well, though hopefully some of the goals will be fun too!

    @Tanya Thanks. Good luck with the goals you mentioned on your blog too :)

    @Jill Thanks. I don't think I realised how enormous the list was until after I had published it. Never mind, a challenge to undertake :) If I don't quite achieve all these I will carry them over into 2013 I think.


Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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