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My Genealogy Web Footprint - Part 1 - Genforum

Often when searching the web for ancestors I come across my own message board, forum, or mailing list posts from the last eight years of my family history research. 

As part of my ongoing organisation goal, I have decided to do a series of posts on this blog where I will collect all these references across the web in one place. I have decided to call this series of posts 'My Genealogy Web Footprint'. 

I will begin Part 1 by looking at all my old posts on Genforum. They date from the years 2003 and 2004. This was very early in my genealogy journey, which is sometimes a little obvious in my posts. 

My Genforum Posting History

Melbourne, Australia Genealogy Forum

    This post relates to the family of Mary Brown (nee Fullerton), sister of my Great Great Granfather Peter Fullerton. I need to make some corrections to the post I made in 2004: (1) John needs to be removed as a possible Fullerton child. There was no John as far as I know - I was following a false lead. Thomas was correct though. (2) Brown descendants surnames do not include Sullivan and Baker and the locations of interest do not include Beechworth. I had accidentally mixed up two cousins with identical names! This was before I had any contact with descendants of this family and fortunately a marriage certificate I purchased helped me realise my mistake. 
Victoria, Australia Genealogy Forum
Bayer Family Genealogy Forum
Breen Family Genealogy Forum
Bright Family Genealogy Forum
  • Sarah BRIGHT, born abt. 1734, Essex, England  28 July 2003.
    This post relates to my 6 x Great Grandmother Sarah Pettit (nee Bright), my earliest known direct maternal ancestor. Back in 2003 I was just starting my family history journey. Much of the information regarding my Essex connections had come from a family history published by a cousin. At that stage of my research I was madly searching the IGI (International Genealogical Index) on the FamilySearch web site and coming up with all sorts of results. I know now that wasn't real research as I was not verifying information by viewing the original documents. I have since verified some of these IGI records for my Essex families through the digitised parish registers available on the web site of the Essex Records Office. Not all Essex parishes are available online digital images but, lucky for me, St Edmund's Abbess Roding is among those available. There is still lots of research potential in my Essex families (Bright, Brown, Clinton, Flack, Judd, Peacock, Pettit, Randall, Simson) but I am leaving that for a later date. 
Chambers Family Genealogy Forum
  • Re: Any Chambers roots in Lincolnshire  27 July 2003.
    This post relates to my Chambers ancestors from Lincolnshire, England. George Chambers, baptised 5 Jan 1834 Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire, was my Great Great Grandfather. Some corrections: This post has a lot of IGI material which has not been verified against original records. Also, I now have better birth year estimates for Thomas Chambers and Maria Marrows. Thomas Chambers was born about 1793 (aged 65 when he died in 1858) and Maria Marrows was born about 1788/89 in Middle Rasen, Lincolnshire (aged 79 when she died in 1867, birthplace from Census records). Like my Essex families, there is plenty more scope for research in my Chambers branch. I would especially like to explore the Lincs to the Past web site in more detail. Another item for my to-do list!
Dunn Family Genealogy Forum
Gehlen Family Genealogy Forum
  • Re: Gehlen 19 August 2003
    Again, this post relates to a family I was searching for on the Internet for some close relatives with USA ancestors. 
Kerry, Ireland Genealogy Forum
  • Re: MANNIX family--killarney  27 July 2003.
    This post relates to my Great Great Grandmother Cathrine McCarthy (nee Mannix). I have had some success recently searching for Church records related to her family via
Judd Family Genealogy Forum
Kenny Family Genealogy Forum
McAllister Family Genealogy Forum
O'Brien Family Genealogy Forum
Peacock Family Genealogy Forum
  • Re: PEACOCK in Essex Co., England  28 July 2003.
    This post relates to the family of my 5 x Great Grandparents Peter Peacock and Ann Pettit. Again, there is a lot of IGI information here, and lots of potential for further research. 
Pettit Family Genealogy Forum
  • Re: Pettitts from Essex,ENG 1500s-1700s  28 July 2003.
    This post is basically the same as the post mentioned above from the Bright Family Genealogy Forum.This post relates to the family of my 6 x Great Grandparents Francis Pettit and Sarah Bright. 
Pickess Family Genealogy Forum
  • Pickis/Pickes etc., Norwich, Norfolk & London  3 August 2003.
    I just noticed some of the interesting replies to this post which I haven't seen before! This post relates to my Pickis ancestors. Catherine Helen Pickis was my 3 x Great Grandmother. She was born in 1824 in London and was baptised  on 26 September 1824 in the parish of All Hallows the Great, the daughter of Robert Paul Pickis and his wife Elizabeth (I haven't found out her maiden name yet!).  
Randall Family Genealogy Forum
  • Randalls of Essex, England  28 July 2003.
    This post relates to the family of my 4 x Great Grandparents, Edward Randall and Elizabeth Judd, of Margaret Roding, Essex, England. Again, there is a lot of IGI information here and still lots of verification work to do in the future.
Tangney Family Genealogy Forum
  • Tangney/Cronin/McCarthy County Kerry, Ireland  2 September 2003.
    This post relates to the family of my 3 x Great Grandmother, Honora McCarthy (nee Tangney), who was, according to information from Australian certificates, born about 1806 in
    County Kerry, Ireland. Her parents names were Patrick Tangney and Julia Cronin. Honora married John McCarthy on 26 February 1832 in the Catholic parish of Firies, County Kerry. A transcript of the record of their marriage can be seen here at There is much potential for further research through that useful web site.
In Part 2 of My Genealogy Web Footprint series, I will explore some of my posts to Rootsweb Mailing Lists.
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  1. That's a great idea Aillin.
    I might copy it if I can remember all the places I have posted to over the years!

  2. Good idea Aillin, I should try to find my old ones and consolidate them for my records, if not for the blog. Good tip!


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