Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tech Tuesday...or a very delayed Sorting Saturday?

I have missed my Sorting Saturday posts for the last two weeks! Not very organised at all!
I am still working on organising my bookmarks. On March 19 I wrote that I was trying out Delicious, Diigo and Springpad. I was having some technical difficulties with Yahoo!/Delicious at the time, but I have since resolved these by starting fresh with a new account.
I have recently read Carole Riley's short book published through Unlock the Past - Social Media for Family Historians. I have been trying out many of the web sites Carole mentions in the book. Some of them I have heard of for a long time but have never actually tried to use.
I am now on Flickr. I have added a few relevant contacts but have not added any of my photographs...yet! Watch this space! On Flickr I am ausgenjourneys.
I am now using LibraryThing to catalogue my genealogy and history books. I have added a few other genealogists to my connections list on LibraryThing - please add me if you would like. On LibraryThing I am ausgenjourneys.

I am still trying out Diigo and Delicious for bookmarks. I have imported all my Google bookmarks into Delicious but I still have them set as private while I sort through them. I will be progressively creating public bookmark lists. I have added a few other genealogists to my Network on Delicious, please add me to your if you would like. On Delicious I am australiangenealogyjourneys.
On Diigo I am ausgenjourneys.

I have created a new YouTube account specifically for my genealogy interest. On YouTube I am ausgenjourneys.

Now for something a bit odd. 

Yesterday I noticed that the number of visitors to my blog had increased quite dramatically. I checked my blogger statistics page and discovered that a 1:00 pm yesterday afternoon there were 274 visits to the main URL of my blog (http://ausgenjourneys.blogspot.com) all from one particular country.
I realise that this would have been some automated software visiting my blog and not 274 people. Has this happened to anyone else before? 
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  1. Aillin, I'm bibliaugrapher on Librarything - I'll be looking for you there.
    I am Geniaus on Delicious - still love that app but am backing up elsewhere in case it dies.

  2. Thanks Geniaus, I will keep my bookmarks elsewhere (I think on Diigo) too incase Delicious dies as you say.

  3. The spike in hits could have been web bots. Many search engines etc. use programs to "crawl" the net and index sites. I could be wrong though. lol

    I'm kimmc11ca on flicker and homesteadmommy on Diigo.


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