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Sorting Saturday - Google Reader - Folders

Michelle at The Turning of Generations blog and Marian at Roots and Rambles blog have recently been posting about how they organise their blog reading in Google Reader into various folders. This reminded me of how I have been intending to organise my Google Reader blog reading. I have previously set up several folders, but have since begun to follow several more blogs which I have neglected to categorise into folders. 
The folder arrangement I already have is as follows:

  • Genealogy AUS - Australian Genealogy and History related blogs and RSS feeds
  • Genealogy US - United States Genealogy and History related blogs and RSS feeds
  • Genealogy UK - United Kingdom Genealogy and History related blogs and RSS feeds
  • Genealogy IRISH - Irish Genealogy and History related blogs and RSS feeds
I am going to create new folders including:
  • Genealogy NZ - New Zealand Genealogy and History related blogs and RSS feeds
  • Genealogy CANADA - Canadian Genealogy and History related blogs and RSS feeds
  • Alerts - Google Alerts and Trove Alerts
  • Photography - for blogs related to family history photos
  • Technology - for technology related blogs
I follow quite a few blogs/RSS feeds (431 according to Google Reader) and categorising them into folders with Google Reader is proving a bit headache. There appear to be at least two ways of categorising blog reading into folders. Both ways are a bit 'clunky'. This may be because I am following quite a few blogs and I have assigned quite a few tag keywords (252 tags so far apparently, which Google Reader uses to suggest Folder names), thus making Google Reader's drop down menus a bit overwhelming. Perhaps I should have been a little more economical in my use of tags? :-| Perhaps that is a future Sorting Saturday challenge? Yes, I think I will have another Google Reader Sorting Saturday next week to sort out all my tags, perhaps consolidate a few or delete some that are no longer relevant/interesting. 

But back to using folders. 

When you read a blog/rss feed in Google Reader you can assign tag keywords to each post using the little 'Add Tags' feature underneath each post. 

For example, here (see above right) I am tagging a post from a New Zealand Genealogy blog I follow with the name of the new folder I want to create 'Genealogy NZ'. 
I have done the same with posts from other blogs with the names of the other folders I wish to create 'Genealogy CANADA', 'Alerts', 'Photography' and 'Technology'.

Now I can add any blogs I want to these Folders in any of the following ways.

(1) In the panel at the left-hand side of the screen select the drop down menu next to 'Subscriptions' and then select 'Manage Subscriptions'  (see left) (there is also a 'Manage Subscriptions' link at the bottom of the left-hand side panel). A list of all the blogs/rss feeds you are subscribed to appears. Next to each single subscription is a drop down menu 'Add to a folder...'. Clicking on this drop down menu provides you with a suggested list of folders (see right). The suggested list of folders is composed of all the different tag keywords I have ever added to any blog posts I have read in Google reader! Perhaps a better option would be a type box similar that which appears under each blog post when you click 'Add tags'. Then I would be able to type in the name of the folder I wanted to add that blog to and, as I type, suggested folders would appear underneath. This would make things so much easier. Drop down menus are only really useful where the number of options is limited. Where the number of options is many drop down menus become very awkward to use. 

You can select multiple subscriptions using the check boxes on the left of each subscription of the list and then selecting the chosen folder from the drop down menu under the 'More actions...' at the top of the screen (see right). 

(2) You can also add your subscriptions to folders by clicking on (or simply hovering your mouse over) a subscription from the list in the left hand panel under the headline 'Subscriptions'. A drop down menu (yes, one of those again!) will appear to the right hand side of the blog/subscription name. This drop down menu will bring up several options (sorting features, options to rename subscriptions or unsubscribe, as well as the 'add to a folder' feature with the list of suggested 'folders' - ie. your list of tag keywords). You can select one of these tags to add that subscription to that folder e.g. 'Genealogy NZ' (see below).

(3) Within the left-hand side panel you can also add a subscription to a folder using drag and drop. Simply select the subscription from the list and drag it to the folder you want to add it to.

And can I add a subscription to more than one folder? It doesn't look like I can. Does anyone know how or if this can be done? 

Update (October 2011): Now it is quite easy to add a Google Reader subscription to more than one folder. Simply select the menu to the right of the name of your subscription in the left hand panel. From the menu you can easily add the subscription to multiple existing folders and/or create a new folder and add the subscription to that folder. 
Choose the menu to the right of the subscription name in Google Reader.
You can add a subscription to multiple folders by selecting each folder name from the list. A little blue tick will appear to show you which folders you have added that subscription to already. 
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  1. With a blog post displaying, if you use the "Feed Settings" option button on the "toolbar" across the top above where the blog post displays, you can select multiple folders just by clicking on the folder name. That puts a checkmark next to the folder name for that particular blog. You can also clear a selection that is checked by clicking on it. Rather clunky and you have to do each blog individually (not each post though).


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