Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day - My Irish Ancestors

A stained glass window
of St Patrick at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo.
Happy St. Patrick's Day
My ancestry is more than 60 per cent Irish. I have ancestors from the all across Ireland, mostly Irish Catholics, but also Presbyterian Scots-Irish from the North. Today I want to remember my Irish ancestor's bravery during centuries they were persecuted for their faith, and think of the suffering of both sides of conflicts (as I have ancestors from both sides), and remember the many people throughout the world who are still persecuted for their faith. I encourage you to read more about the wonderful charity Aid To The Church in Need. I also want to thank my ancestors for making the decision to come to Australia, otherwise I would not be here. The National Museum of Australia have today launched a new exhibition about the Irish in Australia. There is a picture of Archbishop Daniel Mannix on the 'welcoming message' page. He is supposed to have been 'a cousin' of my great great Grandmother, Cathrine (Kate) McCARTHY (nee MANNIX) (1842-1917). I have not figured out the family connection yet and possibly never will (he was born in Cork, Kate was born in Kerry), but Archbishop Mannix definitely had the same facial features as some of my McCARTHY relatives. 

Today I created a surnames page on this blog, showing a list of the surnames I am researching and the locations where my ancestors with that surname lived. Please have a look and let me know if we share any research (surnames or locations) in common. Here is a Wordle Word Cloud showing the known locations where my ancestors lived in Ireland. 

And now I'm going to share this great YouTube video (from DiscoverIreland) of a flashmob of Irish dancers at Sydney's Central Station. I learnt Irish dancing for about four years when I was younger and took part in several St Patrick's Day dances, so I just love this!!

Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! God bless.

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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day Aillin!

    What a great post! A great tribute to your Irish Ancestors, and I love the flash mob.

    Cheers to you this day,

  2. Another wonderful post and a great Flashmob dance!

  3. Thanks Aillin, loved the flashmob dance and the word cloud. Have sent the video on to my daughter and grand-daughter. Pauleen


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