Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sorting Saturday - Facebook

I missed my planned 'Sorting Saturday' last week due to other family commitments. This Saturday I have decided to sort all my Friends and Pages on Facebook into lists so that my Facebook Newsfeed will hopefully be more efficient, interesting and organised. 

I made one list called 'Genealogy/Humanities' (genealogical societies, historical societies, libraries, museums, archives, publishers, genealogy web sites and blogs) and I made other lists for my other interests: Environment/Health, Catholic/Christian, Entertainment (music, movies, books), Charities/Social Justice and Technology/Science. 

I also separated my Facebook friends into different lists such as Relatives, Primary School and High School and friends with whom I play Facebook games.

If you are interested in making your own lists in Facebook to filter your Newsfeed (and/or to limit the people you post to) the Get Organized Wizard blog recently had two useful posts with clear step-by-step instructions: 

The instructions given is this blog refer to organising your Friends, but you can organise the Pages you 'like' in the same way.

I created a list for all the Genealogy/Humanities related pages I 'like' so I can filter my Facebook Newsfeed. You can use the 'Edit Lists' drop down menu to add Pages to several different lists at a time. 
When editing a list, clicking the 'add multiple' button will bring up a list of your Friends and Pages. You then chose which of these you would like to add the that list. 
When you have created different lists of friends and pages, you can use these lists to filter your Facebook Newsfeed. Just select the drop down menu next to 'Most Recent' above the Newsfeed. 
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  1. Thanks, Aillin! I'm heading over to the organization blog! I've grouped my facebook friends before, but didn't try doing the pages/groups. I'll have to give it a try and see how I like it! :)


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