Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sorting Saturday - Bookmarks - Part 1

I need to sort and categorise my bookmarks. I am going to have to spread this Sorting Saturday task over a few Saturdays so it won't be overwhelming. 

I have been using Google Bookmarks for some years now and have a bit of mess on my hands. Yes, I have been labelling each page I bookmark with keywords. However, I have a mess because I have created too many different labels. I have ended up with a huge list of labels with 1 or 2 bookmarks assigned to each. I need to categorise my labelled bookmarks better using lists. I am going to read the Google Bookmarks Help so I can make sure I am taking advantage of all Google Bookmarks capabilities.

But is Google Bookmarks the right tool for me to use? I have recently been reading Carole Riley's book Social Media for Family Historians. In this book Carole mentions social bookmarking and gives the web site Delicious as an example. I have decided I am going to try out a few other social bookmarking web sites to see whether some other bookmarking tool suits me better. I am going to try the following social bookmarking sites: Delicious, Diigo and StumbleUpon. I am also going to have a look at Springpad

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  1. I have used delicious for years (sbrennan) but have looked at and like Diigo.


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