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Someone's Ancestor Sunday - Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) Photo Album - Part 7

Continuing from last week's Someone's Ancestor Sunday post here is another unidentified photograph taken in Sydney which was found in my Great Great Grandmother's album.
Photograph of an unknown man from Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) Photo Album.
This photograph is a ca
binet card, c1880s-1890s. There are no identifying marks on the front or back of the photograph.  The photographic studio's name and address are written at the bottom on the front of the card: 'Carrington./ Galleries:/ 635 George Street, / Haymarket'. 
Haymarket is an inner suburb of Sydney. I did a Google search for the phrase "Carrington Galleries Haymarket" and found an advertisement in an 1886 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald  which referred to the Carrington Galleries, Haymarket. I then searched the Sands Sydney Directory for 1888 to find out more about the 'Carrington Galleries'. Page 479 listed: Carington (sic.) Art Gallery, Channon & Co., photographers, 633 (sic.) George St. There seem to have been several things (halls, sports grounds etc.) named 'Carington' at that time, probably named after governor Charles Robert CarringtonI then searched for 'Channon & Co.'  in the same alphabetical list of the Sands Sydney Directory for 1888. They were listed on page 484 as: Channon & Co. Photographers, 416 George St, and Haymarket Arcade. The Dictionary of Australian Artists Online lists 'Channon & Co. photographers' but confusingly gives their address in 1888 as 613 or 631 George Street! Picture Australia includes this photograph taken by Channon & Co. c1888-1889. The photograph, which is from the collection of the State Library of Victoria has a similar looking photographic studio identification at the bottom of the photograph except that it says 'Channon Co./ Galleries/ 631 George St.' The back of the photograph has a curious handwritten note 'Sydney / Moved to 631 from 416 / in 1888-89 / Then at 633'. Could this be someone's previous research notes about this photographer? The Sydney Morning Herald of 9 May 1889 includes an interesting court case between James Channon, photographer, and George & Eliza Barr from whom Channon was leasing "a certain portion of premises formerly known as the Haymarket Arcade and more recently converted into a music hall". 

Was this photograph by 'Carrington Galleries 365 George St Haymarket' taken by the photographers Channon & Co.  and could it date from the late 1880s?
I will continue next week with several other photographs taken at 'Carrington Galleries' which appear to show brothers or other close relatives of the man in the photograph above.. 
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  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure if this will help, or confuse matters more, but from the reference book, "The mechanical eye in Australia : photography 1841-1900" by Alan Davies and Peter Stanbury, I have found some information on Carrington Studios in Sydney. This book quotes the following details:

    Carrington Art Gallery
    Haymarket Arcade, 631 George St. Sydney
    Chanon & Co. 1888-89

    Carrington Photo Galleries
    22 & 23 Haymarket Arcade, Sydney

    Carrington Photo Galleries
    W.G. Hadrill, Manager
    22 Haymarket Arcade, Sydney
    635 George St, Sydney - cdv

    Best of luck in sorting this out, but hopefully this information, may help narrow down the time frame in which these photographs were taken.

    Regards from Linda

  2. Linda, thanks so much for checking the book "The mechanical eye in Australia : photography 1841-1900"
    for me. I hope I can work these out. It would be great to narrow down the time frame. Thanks again.

  3. These photo's were probably taken by My ancestor Thomas Henry Channon, we have a lot of family photo's with Channon and co on them. I have found photo's online inthe state library online with this Channon & Co on them .


Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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