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Someone's Ancestor Sunday - Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) Photo Album - Part 6

Below is another unidentified photograph from my Great Great Grandmother Susan ELLIS' (nee HEHIR) photo album. This is the first of several photographs from Sydney. Many of the subjects of these Sydney photographs appear to be brothers. Two photographs in particular (which I will feature on an upcoming Sunday blog post) show several of the brothers together. Susan's daughter, Susannah COWIN (nee ELLIS), lived in Sydney from the early 1890s. Perhaps she went to Sydney from Heathcote, Victoria, because her mother had some cousins who lived up there? Susannah ELLIS married Isaac COWIN at St David's Church of England in the Sydney suburb of Surrey Hills on 11 February 1892. Susannah's and Isaac's children were as follows: 

  • John COWIN b. 9 October 1892, Morehead Street, Redfern, NSW. d. 1892 Redfern.
  • Mary A. COWIN b. 1894 Redern, NSW. Married Barff R. TUCKER 1921 Newtown, NSW. Later lived in Parkes.
  • William Hampden COWIN b. 1896 Waverley, NSW. Married Marjorie WICKES 1923 Newtown, NSW. d. 1975. 
  • Owen Thomas Rawson COWIN b. 1902 Waterloo, NSW. Married Alma WHITE 1934 Redfern NSW. d. 1977. 
Susannah died at the home of her daughter Mary TUCKER (nee COWIN) at Parkes, NSW in 1955. Susannah's death notice in the Sydney Morning Herald stated:
"COWIN, Susan - September 26, 1955, at  her daughter's residence at Parkes, beloved mother of Mary (Mrs. R. Tucker), Vera (Mrs. J. Moore), William, and Tom, aged 90 years."
Who was Vera (Mrs. J. Moore)? I have so far been unable to find any record of her. I would love to contact any descendants of Susannah and Isaac. If you are a descendant of this couple, please send me a note

Some preliminary research on the web has shown that there were people named Hehir and O'Hehir living in some of these suburbs of Sydney. I am still trying to work out the different families. Could this unknown man (below) belong to one of these families, or could he be someone else?
Photograph of an unknown man from Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) Photo Album.
This photograph is a Carte de visite, c1890-1897. There are no identifying marks on the front of the photograph. 

There is a photographer's stamp on the back of the photograph:
'W. H. VOSPER / Photographer / 694 George St. / SYDNEY'. 
I did a Google search for "W H Vosper"+Photographer and found the following results:
I then did a Google search for "694 George St"+Photographer and and found the following results:
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