Sunday, March 6, 2011

Someone's Ancestor Sunday - Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) Photo Album - Part 4

Here is another unidentified photograph from my Great Great Grandmother Susan Ellis' (nee Hehir) photo album. 

Photograph of an unknown man from Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) Photo Album.
This photograph is a Carte de visite, c1880s/1890s. There are no identifying marks on the front of the photograph. 
On the back of the photograph there is a photographer's stamp: "W.S. Read / Photographer."
I searched the web for the phrase "W. S. Read Photographer". One result I found was a post on a message board at which mentioned a photograph taken by W.S. Read who was in business in Lismore, New South Wales from 1882 until 1908. Another web search for "W. S. Read"+Lismore+Photographer led to this web site which linked to The Read Family Story which gives more information about the photographer William Read. 

The man in this photograph does look similar to the young man in the photograph taken at Narrandera I posted last Sunday, similar enough that they could possibly be brothers. But who are they?

I searched the New South Wales Births, Deaths and Marriages Indexes again and found the following record which may or may not be relevant:

James P. O'Haire married Isabella Dobinson, Tweed River District, 1890 (Reg. No. 5118/1890). 

There are also later records for the surname 'Hair' in the Murwillumbah District and Ballina District. I would love to hear from anyone who is researching the name Hehir/O'Haire or variations, or the name McMahon, in that area of northern New South Wales. Thanks. 

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