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Diary/Journal/Letters - Women's History Month - Fearless Females - March 8

In honor of National Women’s History Month in the USA, Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist blog is presenting Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women’s History MonthI'm hoping to join in occasionally with this blog series Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women’s History Month.  I have missed a few days, but I hope I can contribute every so often. Just as a note, I am also making a new resolution to write surnames in CAPITALS in my blog posts so they are easier to see. 

March 8 — Did one of your female ancestors leave a diary, journal, or collection of letters? Share an entry or excerpt.
I have in my possession at the moment a collection of postcards that belonged to my Great Grandmother, Millicent McCARTHY (nee CHAMBERS). I have chosen to show one particularly interesting postcard from Millicent's collection (which fortunately was not glued into the postcard album like most of the others!).

Here is a transcript of the message on the postcard:

Princess St
Croydon  SA Feb 2nd
My dear cousin Millie I was so pleased to get the photo of yourself and Mother I have yours when you was a very little girl with your head resting on your little Brother and also one when you was eleven but I have only one of your dear Mother when she must have been the same age or near it tell Mother I have only the one of your dear old Grandma taken
with your Grandfather and your Mother but I can ____ to Uncle Charles Edsons all day on Monday and I will see what he has got if I cannot get it for her I will get mine taken off for her as soon as I can next week I will send some photos to mother I think I can spare one of Uncle Peter of Cannada [sic] and one of my sisters eldest son now 38 or nine years _ you to look out some time next week are there any postcards of Avoca to be got or any Pictures of any part of it I should so like some love to you all from Lizzie

[Note above on card below photographs:]
King William Road Entrance  North Terrace Entrance  Adelaide Railway Station

[Handwritten note below photographs:]
This is just a fine picture of our town station our son is at a large firm just in front of this part

[Other side of the card:]
Please give my kind love to dear old Uncle Will Haynes tell him I never forget him as I knew him in my childhood days he was so good to me some day I want something belonging to him as a keepsake I do not mind how small or of how little value love to Uncle Ed also and any of my old Avoca friends from your loving cousin Lizzie

Miss M Chambers C/o Mrs G Chambers Faraday Street Avoca Victoria Heathcote
[the other address crossed out and Heathcote written instead]

'Cousin Lizzie' of Croydon, South Australia was Millicent's mother's first cousin, Elizabeth BROOKER (nee BROWN) (1844-1917) the daughter of Charles BROWN (1818-1890) and Mary Ann HIGH (c1812-1871). Elizabeth was born in 1844 at Great Warley, Essex, England. Charles BROWN was a brother of Millicent's grandmother, Mary Ann RANDALL (nee BROWN) (c1816-1886), their parents were Adam BROWN (1786-1839) and Ann PEACOCK (1787-1831) of South Weald, Essex, England. Elizabeth was married to William BROOKER (1848-1931) in 1870 in Hindmarsh, South Australia. It appears that Elizabeth's son, William Charles BROOKER, was a photographer and I found several photographs related to the BROOKER family through Picture Australia including this photograph which is thought to show Mrs Elizabeth BROOKER (nee BROWN). 
The photograph that Lizzie mentions of Millie's 'dear old Grandma taken with [her] Grandfather and [her] Mother' is this photograph of the Randall family, which was a copy Lizzie sent to Millie's mother Margaret CHAMBERS (nee RANDALL) (1855-1917). 

Some of the other people mentioned on Lizzie's postcard were:
'Uncle Charles Edson' - Charles EDSON (1834-1911) husband of Mary Ann RANDALL (1836-1905) who was a half-sister of Millie's mother, Margaret CHAMBERS (nee RANDALL).
'Uncle Peter of Cannada [sic]' -  It is believed that Uncle Peter of Canada was a brother of Mary Ann RANDALL (nee BROWN), Peter or George Peter BROWN. It would be great to be able to see the photograph of 'Uncle Peter' that Lizzie mentions on the postcard as it would possibly give a photographer's stamp. But I have no idea where that photograph could be or if it has survived at all. In the meantime, is anyone researching a Peter/George Peter BROWN b c1820s in Essex, England who immigrated to Canada? 

'Uncle Will Haynes' - William HAYNES (1825-?) was married to Mary Ann BAILEY (1826-1877), a half sister of Millie's mother Margaret CHAMBERS (nee RANDALL). The HAYNES family lived at Avoca, Victoria. 
'Uncle Ed' - Uncle Ed was probably Millie's mother's brother, Edward RANDALL Jnr. (1849-1926). He also spent many years of his life at Avoca, Victoria. 
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