Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorting Saturday - Twitter

My first Sorting Saturday challenge is to sort all the people/organisations I am following on Twitter into lists. I mostly use my Twitter account (@ausgenjourneys) to follow genealogy tweets. However, I am also following other tweets based on other interests. I want to separate them so my twitter feed is better organised. 

So, today I created the following Twitter lists: 

Other Interests:
  • Charities
  • Catholic/Christian
  • Environment
  • Information Technology
  • Other
I am still working on the following lists: 'USA Genealogy', 'Canadian Genealogy', 'English Genealogy', 'Scottish Genealogy' and 'Welsh Genealogy'. 

Further Reading:
Copyright © 2011 Australian Genealogy Journeys. Clip art public domain from the Open Clip Art Library with adaptations (Twitter screenshot) by me. 


  1. I cheat and follow other people's lists :-)

  2. Yes, I do that too. I have made my lists public so others can follow them now :-)

  3. Interesting - I wasn't aware we could do lists in twitter. I'm gonna have to look into this!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)


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